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A Backwards Approach at Advertising That Actually Works


Advertising has become fiercely competitive in this online era. Strange as it may seem though, the cost for a brick and mortar store to reach 1,000 adults with was much less than the cost for a 30-second commercial. For advertisements that have a lifespan of one year, sign merchandisers spent between 3 and 37 cents while a TV spot cost $4.05-$7.75 to reach the same number of adults for the same amount of time. So, a potential strategy for store owners is to forego the fancy commercials and look into paper options. 

How To Advertise the Old Fashion Way
There was a time when scruffy looking high school children would be on the streets handing out fliers for their band's next concert. Seems strange that this would still work in the viral world, but one theory is that in-person ads have a more personal quality to them, and result in more trust between retailer and customer. So, what are some good strategies?

  • Wall mounted brochure holders placed around your shop could provide information that your customer might otherwise search for on their smartphone. Customers today like to be informed, so inform them in a way that makes them decide to buy your product.
  • Display racks for big items like gold necklaces or other exotic and expensive goods can inspire a sense of wanting what is just out of reach. Place alluring items here and inspire your patrons' desires.
  • Display stands take you in the opposite direction. For these, place magazines, sunglasses, gum, or whatever cheap product you find yourself picking up on the way out of a store for almost no reason.
  • Clear plastic hanging signs can be excellent for attracting customers when placed outdoors. You can put whatever sale information on the sign that your store has at the moment, then change it when you come up with a new sale.

From wall mounted brochure holders to good old-fashioned product placement, using physical advertising in stores is a great way to reach customers on a budget. Besides, it will help put a face on your business. 

Guide To Understanding Proper Library Design And Signage (Part 2)

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A Guide To Understanding Proper Library Sign Design (Part 1)

In a public area such as a library, proper sign placement is essential. Not to be confused with custom retail displays, which are intended to increase sales and visibility of products or services, proper library signage is more about communicating and engaging with your patrons. So how do you effectively communicate important library information to your [...]

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3 Brochure Benefits Your Business Can't Afford To Ignore

As business marketing trends evolve, companies have to keep up with the ways consumers prefer to receive information. And while some marketers mistakenly assume that high tech is always better, consumers don't always want to download a custom app, enter their email address and phone number, or watch your amazing 10-minute marketing video. Even in [...]

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3 Creative Ideas to Keep Your Supermarket Customers Happy

If you are running a supermarket store, you have to constantly be thinking about ways to improve and keep up with your competition. If a shopper has a single bad experience, they will likely move on to the next store and never return. You don’t want to lose out on all that business, so it’s [...]

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3 Major Roles Of Signs In An Educational Setting

Many people are under the general assumption that signs, in and of themselves, are advertorial in nature. And while it's inevitably true that signs do play a major advertorial role in retail locations -- according to a 2014 Mass Merchant Study, 16% of unplanned purchases were due to a display noticed while shopping -- signs [...]

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3 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Custom Glass Door Signage

It's no secret that a well-placed and well-designed sign can help to raise visibility and sales of merchandise. In fact, several studies, including one from Brigham Young University, showed that merchandise with a sign outsold merchandise without a sign by 20%. If you've recently invested in custom signs, it's important to know how to use [...]

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2 Ways To Advertise Back-To-School Deals (And Why Your Business Should Start Early)

As summer comes to an end, the fall season is quickly approaching, which means parents have already started shopping for their children's list of required school supplies that seems to grow with each passing year. If your store carries any back-to-school related items, it's more important than ever to advertise deals early enough in the [...]

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​The Global Display Solution Delivers in Amazon/Whole Foods Campaign

On Monday, August 28th, Amazon’s $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods formally went through. And, in the weekend leading up to that day -- filled with plans to feature lower prices, extend the Prime rewards, and other specials -- Whole Foods in Northern California reached out to The Global Display Solution, TGDS, to help prepare [...]

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Visual Retail: Not Just for Fashion Boutiques

Visual retail is a specialization in the retail industry. Visual retailers are responsible for creating a beautiful and attractive store, including the window display. The goal is to elicit an emotional response, to pull people into the store who might just be window shopping, and help convert those leads into purchases. While visual retailing is most [...]

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