Stick it Frames - Reusable Photo/Graphic Frames

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Stick It Frames

Stick It frames are a great option for displaying signs, photos, and notices on any smooth flat surface.  A gel border allows our reusable photo frames to be applied and repositioned hundreds of times without leaving any messy residues from products such as tape. Our peel-and-stick picture frames allow you to hang notices and informational pages on many types of smooth surfaces that you find around your business or office, such as glass, wood, tile, stainless steel, and laminate. They are also a great option for displaying emergency notices and temporary hours at schools, businesses, and facilities. Your notices, informational messages, and photos change constantly, which is why you need reusable photo frames that you can move and adjust over and over again. With Stick It frames, you can keep everyone up to date without harming any walls or surfaces. For more information about our Stick It frames and their uses, contact The Global Display Solution via phone or email today.