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Washington State Lottery Selects The Global Display Solution for Kiosk Project


Portland, OR 07/10/15


The Washington State Lottery announced it will award The Global Display Solution the contract to produce custom, in-store lottery ticket kiosks. The Global Display Solution’s bid included a personalized design with slots to hold tickets and pencils atop a functional cabinet to store supplies.


Made of durable steel construction, The Global Display Solution’s many customizable options likely gave the Portland, OR.-based company the edge, according to Kristy Blakley, Account Manager. During the bid process, Blakley’s team worked diligently to hone and tweak their design and incorporate feedback from Washington State Lottery officials into every element of the project.


“We didn’t overlook any of the requested details,” Blakley said. “We focused on improving obvious things like the pencil holders, but we also paid attention to the smallest of details like where we put the screws.” The flexibility of their general kiosk design enabled the team to quickly customize features in response to a variety of requests.


For example, the team pictured how the kiosk would look and function in-store, and imagined people brushing by it and possibly snagging their clothing on exposed screws, so they made sure to place them on the underside of the kiosk. Similarly, their design allocates generous and eye-catching space for the Washington State Lottery’s graphic top. 


Blakley is excited to begin work on the $200,000, two-year contract later this summer and is already thinking about what the selection might mean down the road. “Winning is key to opening new doors and providing exciting opportunities in different markets,” said Blakley. “This is a great project in and of itself, but it also showcases our ability to customize designs and to work with our customers to come up with the very best products to suit their needs.”


The Global Display Solution is headquartered in Portland, OR, with a distribution center in Chicago.



Online Shoppers Are Not Leaving Brick-and-Mortar Stores: How You Can Build on This Trend


Portland, OR 06/16/15


by Earle Bevins — President, The Global Display Solution 


Not long ago, many thought online shopping might be the death of brick-and-mortar retailer. But today’s changing retail landscape reveals that online and in-store aren’t necessarily an “either/or” decision. A recent survey of shoppers conducted by comScore for UPS underscores it’s more dynamic than that. And this news paves the way for retailers to rethink their store in-store messaging  to maximize this trend. 


Not surprisingly, consumers continue to look for more online shopping options, but the 5,000 U.S. consumers surveyed also reported they still value a store’s physical locations — and this bit of news holds promise for store owners.


The comScore study reveals that the overwhelming majority of consumers — a whopping 61 percent — prefer to return items to the store, rather than use return shipping. Plus nearly half of online shoppers — 48 percent— have used ship-to-store in the past year, and 45 percent of those consumers made an additional purchase when picking up their online purchase. So, while buyers are browsing online, they are still coming into stores, and traditional retailers can benefit exponentially if they maximize these visits.


From the moment consumers arrive at your storefront to return an item or to pick up something they’ve already purchased online, effective displays and signage can better welcome the customer. This returning visit now becomes a new opportunity.  


  • You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression — You spend a good deal of money attracting customers to your store, so don’t spoil it by using amateurish tape or clumsy suction cups to display promotions and store information on windows and doors. There are sleek, effective and easy alternatives that look modern and professional. So stop using tape! 


  • Rekindle the connection — Make sure your displays and signage engage your customers as they enter the sales floor. Take advantage of dead ceiling base by displaying a banner that reinforces your brand and seasonal promotions.  Poster Stands require a small footprint but can have a big impact on shoppers’ buying decisions, particularly when creative graphics are used. Finally, welcome your customers by moving inviting displays such as flowers to the front end.


The good news is we know buyers aren’t abandoning brick-and-mortar stores even though online purchases are growing.  The data shows customers are returning to the store to return or pick up merchandise and this is a huge opportunity.


Make sure to revisit your customer service operation to make sure your perspective is about embracing, rather than enduring, the returning customer.  And, rethinking how you display in-store information to consumers can make a real difference in how you not just survive, but thrive, in the digital age.


Earle Bevins is the President of The Global Display Solution, headquartered in Portland, Ore., with a distribution center in Chicago.




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Portland, OR USA June 5th 2015

The Reusable Magic Frame is proving the old adage that one small pebble can create a thousand ripples.

It’s a multi-surface sign display with a unique molecular gel that allows placement of virtually any kind of signage information you want to display (special offers, maps, or directional information), on any flat service — from doors and windows to counters and walls. And, it is reusable, so you can use it over and over again to display different information easily and conveniently, without the hassles of having to scrape off sticky tape or tinkering with temperamental suction cups.

“The secret behind the Reusable Magic Frame is a proprietary ingredient in the gel,” said Earle Bevins, President of The Global Display Solutions, who began offering the product nearly two years ago. The Reusable Magic Frame is quickly becoming a top-seller and Bevins chalks that up to its ingenious simplicity, ease-of-use, and flexibility.

“Both retail spaces like supermarkets, real estate offices and electronics stores as well as public facilities such as hospitals, libraries, and universities strive to maintain a sleek, clean, and modern interior,” Bevins says. “And taped signage — with its often unprofessional appearance, curled edges, and difficult and sometimes damaging adhesive removal, doesn’t exactly suit their purposes.” Plus, you can personalize the Reusable Magic Frame and align it with your brand by customizing the border with your company name, message or logo.

And, all these advantages don’t carry a higher price tag because the Reusable Magic Frame is incredibly affordable. Bevins, who distributes the product from his Portland, Ore.-based headquarters as well as a facility outside Chicago points out, “For about $5 a frame, you have a multi-service display option at a price that is half what an acrylic alternative would cost.” In addition to the Reusable Magic Frame’s flexibility as an eye-level display tool, Bevins also thinks the product is primed to supplant the counter mats that are common at places like pharmacies, sandwich shops and banks, but the possibilities don’t stop there.

“Down the road, I can see huge opportunities in the hotel and resort industry,” says Bevins. “I even imagine we’ll see some really impressive consumer applications, with specialized borders for occasions or a new frame kit for the craft market.”

THE Global Display Solution™

Portland, OR &




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