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Portland, Ore. 01/09/2016 Good Karma Sale Generates over $900 for Oregon Food Bank...

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The Reusable Magic Frame Wows at IFMA 2015 World Workplace Expo

 In addition to greeting the hundreds of people who stopped by our booth last month at the International Facility Management Association’s (IFMA) World Workplace 2015 Conference and Expo and reconnecting with industry associates, The Global Display Solution is proud to announce their Reusable Magic Frame really resonated with IFMA attendees.

 "The Magic Frame caught my eye as I was touring the IFMA World Workplace exhibitor hall because it is an ingenious solution to a particularly vexing issue for several of my clients,” reports Kent Walton, Director of Operations, FM Services / Midwest Region for Chicago-based C&W Services. “This ingenious device completely eliminates the tape residue that is constantly being left on glass and other surfaces by building occupants temporarily posting flyers and other communications throughout their facilities." 

 Walton goes on to explain that the day before the show opened, he had toured a client's brand new Class A office space during which the client had mentioned several times how aggravating it was to have to police the premises and to try to enforce a housekeeping standard that included such seemingly trivial issues like using tape to post flyers outside of designated bulletin board areas. 

 “I was delighted to see how the Magic Frame would enable our FM teams to propose a positive proactive approach to this issue,”  Walton says.

 Dennis Blakley, TGDS business development manager, agrees, adding that exhibiting at the show allowed his team to explain to those who are charged with managing large facilities and campuses how the product is a better-looking and more effective alternative than messy tape. “At our booth, so many people were able to touch and feel the wide variety of Magic Frames we brought to the show and they could test it out right there — slip in a flier or map underneath and affix it to a surface to see how it holds it and then lift it up and do again.”

 Reusable Magic Frames solve the problem many facility managers have — providing a consistent, clean, and professional way to post information to help visitors navigate large and unfamiliar buildings, as well as offer a good option for posting seasonal or occasional announcements on an as-needed basis. The Reusable Magic Frame is quickly becoming the “go-to” option, giving managers a sustainable and affordable multi-service display product for windows and doors.

 For more information, contact Dennis Blakley at or 503-352-4439.

 The Global Display Solution is headquartered in Portland, Ore., with a distribution center in Chicago.


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Portland, OR 10/31/15

Retract36 Can Promote Safer Work Environments



 Workplace falls are found in all occupational settings. According to a recent study released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, falls remain a leading cause of unintentional injury mortality nationwide, and 43 percent of fatal falls in the last decade have involved a ladder.

 Among workers, approximately 20 percent of these fall injuries involve ladders. In the retail sector, these falls can result from everyday tasks like climbing a ladder to change-out a banner display hanging from a store ceiling.

 As a store-owner or manager, you can avoid this potential problem by using the Retract36 system to hang your ceiling banner displays.

 This patented product, which was created by a store-manager for store-managers, is different from other systems because it puts the science and technology in the display itself and not the pole, making it easy for a single associate to stay put on the ground and still hang large banners,” says Earle Bevins, general manager for The Global Display Solution. “The system works like a household blind. Simply use a pole to bring the banner display down to a position where the banner can be changed," Bevins explains. "Then, guide the banner back to a fixed hanging position 14 - 20  feet from the floor. The whole process takes about 2 minutes."

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 “Many stores want to take advantage of open ceilings, which are popular in retail settings, and the Retract36 product has been tested extensively and is able to overcome the real challenges these settings present and increase their appeal and functionality,” Bevins added. 

 Learn more about how you can create a safer workplace environment, save money on labor costs, and increase marketing opportunities — call us today at 800/494-2903, or reach us at email:

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Portland, OR 10/31/15