Custom Acrylic Displays and Sign Holders

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If you need a unique and eye-catching display for your business’s marketing materials, consider using custom acrylic displays & sign holders. Acrylic displays safely house and showcase your signage to promote longevity. These sign holders are also extremely cost-efficient and will last your business for years to come. You can easily swap out signage when you need to change promotions. This makes them ideal for seasonal marketing purposes and other short-term displays.

Acrylic display stands are even easy to clean and maintain. With a quick wipe down, our custom signs will be dust- or fingerprint-free and ready for display. 

Take a look at the variety of custom acrylic projects we have worked on with customers in the past. We can combine steel with acrylic to provide extra durability for floor stands and table top frames.  Send us your design and we will get started on a quote for you today! Contact our experts at The Global Display Solution today if you want to learn more about custom acrylic displays & sign holders for your store.