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New Product! Hanging Sneeze Guard

25th Mar 2020

Protect essential front line workers from germs with this clear easy setup sneeze guard. Quickly hang from ceilings to add the extra protection.Guard Features:Clear Plastic shield - 40”w x 28”h (Cust … read more

COVID-19 Response and Update

Posted by Earle Bevins on 16th Mar 2020

The Global Display Solution | Asia Sources, Inc Portland, OR 3/16/2020 We are closely watching developments regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak and wanted to provide you with … read more

Benefits of an Acrylic Sign Holder

9th Mar 2020

Signage is an important part of an in-store experience for customers. Signage is useful for multiple industries including restaurants, grocery stores, retail shops, and many others. It helps to inform … read more

Digital Signage Tips for Grocery Stores

27th Feb 2020

Despite the many ways in which consumers can get their groceries now, including meal kit delivery, grocery delivery, and automatically renewing subscriptions, brick-and-mortar grocery stores remain st … read more

How Digital Signage Benefits Patients

21st Feb 2020

When patients are at a doctor’s office, hospital, or other medical location, there are always some unavoidable pitfalls. Patients may feel anxious, overwhelmed, and a bit unprepared for their visit … read more

Benefits of Outdoor Signs for Your Business

11th Feb 2020

When you’re looking for budget-friendly ways to improve your business, increase customer base, or simply increase sales—and thus, profits—there are few better ways to go than an investment in outdoor … read more

Point-Of-Purchase Display Tips to Increase Retail Sales

5th Feb 2020

Point-of-purchase displays are holders for specific products that are housed on, near, or next to a checkout counter. Their purpose is to entice customers to make an impulse purchase by grab … read more

Benefits of Using Custom Display Stands in Retail

28th Jan 2020

Even in the digital age, most consumers still regularly shop at retail stores. Owning a retail shop can be a lucrative investment, but it takes strategic planning and hard work. One place that retail … read more

Digital Signage vs. Traditional Banners and Signs

16th Jan 2020

If you want to draw the attention of consumers at your store or building, the thought of putting up signs most likely crossed your mind. When it comes to signage, you have endless possibilities and a … read more

Digital Signage Placement Tips

10th Jan 2020

When you decide to invest in digital signage for your business, it’s important to place it strategically. Without proper placement in the right foot traffic areas your signs could go to waste. Make … read more