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How to Make Your Hotel Brochures Irresistible

15th May 2020

In the hotel industry, appearance is essential. People want to stay in a hotel that is attractive, well designed, and luxurious. Many hotels design high-quality brochures to entice their guests—or … read more

Ways to Provide More Transparency to Your Customers

Posted by The Global Display Solution on 11th May 2020

More and more businesses are seeing their demise and the loss of their customers’ loyalties because of a lack of communication and transparency. Transparency is a key attribute successful bu … read more

In-Store Promotion Ideas for Father's Day

7th May 2020

Father’s Day is coming up, which means people are searching for the perfect gift for their dad. Most people agree that dads can be a difficult demographic to shop for. Every dad is different and has d … read more

How to Attract Customers to Your Retail Store Using Signs

21st Apr 2020

Retail shops rely on customers coming in and browsing their merchandise. Bringing in customers is an important part of marketing your business and helping it thrive. Customers walking past your ret … read more

The Benefits of Digital Signage in Employee Communication

9th Apr 2020

As we all know, communication is key. However, one of the primary complaints by employees at most businesses—no matter the industry—is a lack of communication. Communication is one of the main areas c … read more

In-Store Promotional Ideas for Mother's Day

8th Apr 2020

Mother’s Day is approaching. While rough economic times are hitting a few stores, getting people in the door is key to keeping retail stores afloat until the winter season arrives again and retail is … read more

New Product! Hanging Sneeze Guard

25th Mar 2020

Protect essential front line workers from germs with this clear easy setup sneeze guard. Quickly hang from ceilings to add the extra protection.Guard Features:Clear Plastic shield - 40”w x 28”h (Cust … read more

COVID-19 Response and Update

Posted by Earle Bevins on 16th Mar 2020

The Global Display Solution | Asia Sources, Inc Portland, OR 3/16/2020 We are closely watching developments regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak and wanted to provide you with … read more

Benefits of an Acrylic Sign Holder

9th Mar 2020

Signage is an important part of an in-store experience for customers. Signage is useful for multiple industries including restaurants, grocery stores, retail shops, and many others. It helps to inform … read more

Digital Signage Tips for Grocery Stores

27th Feb 2020

Despite the many ways in which consumers can get their groceries now, including meal kit delivery, grocery delivery, and automatically renewing subscriptions, brick-and-mortar grocery stores remain st … read more