10 Tips for Marketing to the Millennial Generation

10 Tips for Marketing to the Millennial Generation

Published by Global Display Solution on January 1, 2023, 3:46 am

Millennials shop a lot. They’re one of the biggest consumer demographics stores try to attract. They know all the latest trends and what specific products they want to buy. It’s a smart business move to get this generation inside your store. Read on to discover 10 tips you can use to market to the millennial generation.

Be Transparent

Millennials can spot inauthenticity from a mile away. Be real and genuine with your customers. If they discover your company is not true to its word, you’ve lost not just one customer but potentially many. They might take to social media and tell others to refrain from your business.

Have a purpose for your products. You’re here to sell people an experience and solve a problem for them. Authenticity thrives when companies share the production process and the success of their products.

Make It Instagram Worthy

Instagram is where it all counts. Millennials are on all social media platforms, but Instagram has qualities that appeal to them and your business. You can show off your business in some of the most creative ways on Instagram.

The social media site is entertaining enough that people can get consumed and scroll for hours. Create an Instagram page for your business and start promoting it. You do not need to only post pictures. Posting reels with skits or information about a product can draw users’ attention.

Aside from posting on Instagram, you also want to make sure the products in your store look Instagram-worthy. You want your displays to encourage customers to take a picture and post it on their page.

Personalize It

Making things personal to your audience is always beneficial. Millennials are more likely to go for products they can see themselves using, so make sure your advertisement methods are diverse.

Inclusivity makes your business relatable to a greater number of people. It also shows that you care about every demographic and want to include them in your business and brand.

Follow the Trends

Stay sharp and stay flexible. New trends pop up probably every 15 seconds. It is impossible to keep track of them all, but you can pinpoint the ones that require the most attention. The trick is finding trends that are safe, inoffensive, and relevant to your business.

Hopping on a trend needs to seem natural and not like you are trying too hard. It is ideal to have millennials working in the marketing department because they will know how to include the trends without forcing them.

Be Adaptable

Just like trends are always changing, so does the flow of business. You need to be adaptable because millennials are. They have no problem converting and changing up the flow of consumption. For example, online shoppers have gotten even savvier than they used to be.

You can purchase more than clothes and shoes online. For example, you can order groceries too. If there are apps or platforms designed for your type of business, you need to find a way to assimilate yourself into those platforms. Millennials will see you on there and know you are with the times.

Be Available

Not being available is a fast way to lose business. It goes beyond having updated store hours on your site (but those do need to be accurate, so make sure that’s covered). What you really need is to have a representative available to take questions.

Just because millennials spend a lot of time on the internet and dealing with technology does not mean they do not want real people to resolve their customer service issues. Troubleshooting with a robot-operated customer service representative is one of the most annoying things for a millennial, especially if they need to speak to a live human being.

Get Creative

Creativity goes beyond having an online presence. Millennials still make time to go shopping in stores. They don’t want everything delivered to them. So, you need to make sure your home front is in tip-top shape. Don’t slack on the appearance of the store.

Keep things updated and use promotional signage to grab the customer’s attention. Take a look at some of our retail store sign holders to keep things looking neat and uniform as customers browse the products in the store.

Invite Influencers

Millennials love influencers. Remember, a lot of them were raised on reality TV, and it still grabs their attention today. Influencers kind of fall under the same umbrella as reality TV stars. They are famous for simply being themselves.

Something about an influencer’s life was interesting enough to gain a following, and they can bring that following to your store. Make sure the influencer you hire promotes the same values and morals your business represents. You all need to blend well together.

Encourage Testimony

Remember, the most important person for your business is the customer. Promotional methods that include them are always crowd pleasers, and honest testimonials help with the authenticity and transparency of your business.

Encourage customers to provide you with feedback and personal reviews after using your products. Then, use that feedback to improve your business. Share it on your website and social media and learn from it. Getting the answers from the source itself is always smart and saves you the trouble of trying to figure out what your customers need.

Make It Informative

Millennials love a slew of information. Remember, they come from the internet era where information has always been at their fingertips, and they love to be knowledgeable. They don’t want to guess or struggle to figure out what a product is, how it’s beneficial, or how it might be harmful.

Give the information you know they will want so they don’t have to go searching for it. You can conduct a study to determine frequently asked questions about your business and provide answers for them inside your store, in your product promotion, and on your different platforms.

Marketing to millennials is easy once you figure out what matters to them. We’ve got more killer marketing tips for your business. Visit our website for more.

10 Tips for Marketing to the Millennial Generation