3 Critical Places to Put Signs In Grocery Stores

May 1, 2017, 3:42 am

floor standing sign holders

If you've ever walked in to a grocery store and had a hard time finding information such as pricing, sales, or brand names, you're not alone. Signs are critical in most businesses, but grocery stores are among the top places where well-designed signs are an absolute necessity. According to a 2011 report, 86% of consumers will pay more for a better experience, and without signs, people may get frustrated at not being able to find prices and leave the store without buying a thing. Here are a few important places to put grocery store signs.

  1. Entry:
    When visitors enter your store, they should be greeted with signs. Nothing too overbearing, but readable and colorful signs held by  floor standing sign holders are perfect for advertising sales and discounts as well as any new items that may not have been previously available. Alerting your customers to sales as soon as they enter your store will set the mood for an enjoyable shopping trip. You should also consider advertising your store's hours on an entry sign, because many grocery stores don't always have their hours clearly posted.

  2. Fresh Foods:
    If your store has a deli, cafe, or fresh food section, it's important to let your customers know. Consider investing in deli meat signs or other deli signage. If there's a particular variety of meat or cheese on sale, advertise it on deli meat signs loud and clear. You can also use deli signs to advertise any type of meat or cheese your store is trying to sell fast.

  3. Display Racks:
    In addition to price tags, there should also be signs in place to advertise sales on everyday items. Don't make your customers question whether or not something is on sale -- the sign should make it abundantly clear. Make sure the sign clearly states the item that's on sale, the original and sales prices, and the dates the sale will last. Signs should also be used on display racks to alert customers of any items that are out of stock or have been discontinued.

  4. Ultimately, signs are an important part of any business, but they have many distinctive uses in grocery stores. For more information about floor standing sign holders, contact the Global Display Solution.