3 Reasons to Invest in Awesome Digital Signs for Your Business

18th Oct 2019

When you are trying to advertise your business, it can seem like the world is against you. In the uphill battle of today's marketing landscape, it can be difficult to know which advertising options are worth your time and money. If you have not considered digital signage as an option for growing your business, then here are the top three reasons that you should.

Digital signage attracts new customers

New customers are crucial to keeping your business afloat. In a world where several brands are constantly competing for the attention and business of potential customers, you have to do whatever you can to stick out. Digital signage helps you do just that. When you put time into creating fun, eye catching designs that represent your business, you give yourself a much higher chance of attracting the new customers that will help to grow your business in a sustainable way.

Digital signage creates brand recognition

Creating a brand that people know, trust, and recognize is no easy task. There are many different outlets for establishing a brand voice that people can get on board with. Among them, digital signs rank as one of the highest. Because of their unique ability to draw people in, digital signs give you the chance to represent your brand in the best light possible. When you add a varied strategy that places signs in different locations, you will soon discover that you are getting your name out there in front of a wide variety of customers. Once people support your brand, they are far more likely to spread the word and create even more brand loyalty. But the snowball of positive momentum can only begin once you commit to getting the word out with digital kiosks, display racks, and signs.

Digital signage offers affordable audience reach

When it comes to advertising your business, chances are you are concerned about using your budget in the most efficient way possible. For this reason, digital signage is a wise move. Whether you decide to use digital towers, free standing signs, or clear window decals, the cost of digital signage can be quite affordable when measured against other forms of advertising. According to research, reaching 1,000 people with a sign or other store merchandising tool for one year costs anywhere from three to 37 cents, while a 30-second television commercial with the same reach will cost anywhere from $4.05 to $7.75 -- a huge financial difference, particularly for small business owners. When you consider these numbers, it is clear that using digital signage to reach a lot of different people is an excellent way to make use of your advertising dollars, regardless of your industry.

If you are interested in using digital signs to advertise your business, then get in touch with us today. Finding the right signs that fit your vision can be a challenge, which is why our team of experts are here to help you at every step of the way on your journey toward becoming a more powerful, recognizable brand.