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3 Tips For Designing The Ultimate Flyer


Many people think that professional-looking design work can only be done by professional graphic designers. However, anybody with a bit of an artistic eye and creative flair can create a captivating flyer stand or poster easel. Here are some design tips to make your artwork look as professional as possible, even if you didn't go to graphic design school.

  1. Keep it concise:
    While the main piece of advice given about graphic design is to keep it simple, many people still feel the need to go over the top -- probably because they want their design to stand out among the crowd. After all, point of sale studies on customer behavior show that a consumer will decide to stick with a brand or buy a competitor in three to seven seconds, and a well-designed advertisement is often the key to gaining customers. While it may be tempting to write all the information about the product or service directly on the flyer, it will most likely get skimmed over or skipped completely. It's always better to keep it simple.

  2. Don't get too 'list'y:
    While numbered and bulleted lists can be great for summing up the main point of a flyer, even they can make a piece of design work seem too crowded. At the very max, your plastic or metal display signs should have no more than three bullets with short phrases as opposed to full sentences. Designshack.net says, "If you’re using bullet points as an easy-to-read and understand way to distribute your information, you’re on the right track. If you’re using them as a crutch because you don’t know how else to design a flyer, you need to rethink your strategy."

  3. Aim for picture perfect:
    Creating the perfect balance of images is essential to complementing any well-written text on your glass door signs or display stands. This is often what's known as the "WYSIWYG" approach (what you see is what you get. Simply put, show your customers exactly what they're getting with your product. You've heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, no doubt. And while we're not sure what the precise picture-to-word conversion rate is today, you want to show potential buyers exactly what they're getting.

  4. Ultimately, it's important to be aware of some simple design techniques to get the most out of any marketing or advertising sign. For more information about flyer stands, contact the Global Display Solution.

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