3 Tips for Using Signs To Control Traffic in Your Store

3 Tips for Using Signs To Control Traffic in Your Store

Published by Global Display Solution on September 6, 2022, 8:25 am

You want heavy foot traffic when it comes to your store. You also want as many customers inside as your store can handle. It means business is great, and it will only get better. Constant customers and patrons translate into success, but you still want your store to have curb appeal.

If it’s too congested or appears confusing inside, it might turn more people away. Check out these three tips for using signs to control traffic in your store.

The Bigger, the Better

Things that tend to be in your face are difficult to ignore. When it comes to the signage in your store, you want to use a big and bold font. It doesn’t have to be over the top. Keep it tasteful, but remember that it still needs to draw your customers’ attention.

Choose a font that matches the theme and style of your store. You never want to go off-brand because you always want to remind your customers of your taste. If there’s an important message you need to relay to your customers, put a display in the window. Don’t let the signage take up the entire space, but make it big enough to grab their attention.

Proper Placement

During busy days in the store, things can get turned around and misplaced. If you have current signage that directs your customers to specific areas, you should ensure it’s always in the right place. You never want them to travel to one corner of your store looking for something that’s not there.

Include directional signs in your store and make sure they’re always in a visible place. Never place them in congested areas with too much of your merchandise. Otherwise, your customers will glance right over the signs. Keep them in the line of vision and within safe areas so that customers never fall or trip.

Pop of Color

When it comes to the store fixtures and displays in your store, using color is always a smart strategy. At The Global Display Solution, we specialize in this aspect. We want to help you grab your customer’s attention. A pop of color will do this.

Consider your style and what you’re selling in the store to ensure the color on the signage blends well with your merchandise. It doesn’t need to be monotone or match too much. That won’t gain the attention you need. However, you want the colors to complement each other. It’s also a good idea to run with colors that coincide with the current season.

We can help you control the traffic in your store with these three sign tips and so much more. For more information, visit our website.