4 Tips for Creating Effective Digital Signage

10th Oct 2019

Do you want to draw attention to your firm? If so, you need to invest your time and money in designing digital signage.

Designing compelling digital signage attracts more customers than social media. The research by SalonSense concludes that over 70% of people remember seeing a digital video on a public venue for a month. That’s high compared to 41% on Facebook and 43% on the internet.

Using the digital signage display stands allows you to attract passerby’s attention. It is convenient, compelling, and highly cost-effective. A Mass Merchant Study in 2014 concludes that digital display signage was responsible for 16% of impromptu purchases that year.

Here are the primary considerations to make when designing engaging digital adverts. Be sure to follow them before setting up your digital towers to relay the message.

1. Keep Your Content Simple

Do you want to attract customers to your location? Then ensure your content is simple, yet amazing. Plus, the message has to be memorable, concise, and easy to understand.

Before you dispatch your message to your digital towers in Portland, ensure it’s interactive. If not, work towards delivering a crucial single note at a time. Remember, too much information will only distract or overload the viewer. You don’t want this to happen.

As you create the content, present important details like dates, websites, and contact info upfront. With this, you’ll be able to engage a potential client and offer your call to action. All this is vital in converting the views to potential customers.

2. Select Your Text Design

Currently, there are many fonts, colors, and sizes at your disposal. The text design is dependent on your creativity. However, you must be careful to avoid using the wrong font which can damage your entire project.

Remember, your fonts should be legible and straightforward, especially from a longer distance. Don’t make the mistake of using too many fonts as it’ll destroy your message. It will be a turnoff to most viewers.

Typically, the debate is whether to go with serif fonts or san-serif fonts. Well, what’s the difference between the two? Digital signs that use serif fonts have decorative strokes extending from the letters; the same is absent in san serif fonts.

Unless you’re designing a logo, go for sans serif fonts. These fonts tend to make your digital towers' message to look clean, modern, and minimal.

3. Carefully select the Color

Be careful with colors. You don’t want to use the wrong color or mix colors on your custom retail displays. Doing so may create a distraction or worse, work to your disadvantage.

Again, choose a color that rhymes with your industry. For instance, combining some colors may offer creative retail display ideas. At the same time, a dominant color combination might disconcert travelers in the train station or railways who’re looking for simple information like schedules.

After selecting your ideal color, ensure there’s enough contrast between the foreground and background colors. In most cases, this will touch on your text; poor contract impacts negatively on legibility.

4. Use Motion Selectively

Are you ready to send your content to digital towers for dispatch? Well, take time to ensure your message is not only readable but also understandable. Make sure that your target audience has enough time to read and understand your message.

So, how do you do this? Well, ensure that content movement isn’t abrupt. Also, ensure that your logo and other essential features are on your screen at all times.

Digital signage has the potential to deliver quality results to your business. Its success is mainly dependent on the content you share. Be sure to use these tips to create quality content that’s not only appealing but also engaging.