5 Business Entrance Ideas That Improve Curb Appeal

5 Business Entrance Ideas That Improve Curb Appeal

Published by Global Display Solution on November 10, 2022, 8:11 am

As a business owner, you’re always looking for new ways to attract new customers and clientele. You’ll start to ask yourself, “What can I do differently to improve the business?” Fortunately for you, there isn’t one straightforward answer. Instead, several ways to enhance a business exist. And it’s always good to start at the front door. Here are five business entrance ideas that improve curb appeal.

Attractive Displays

Everyone loves a good, eye-catching display. The proof is in the description. It draws in a crowd and intrigues them enough to enter the building. Think about what your business represents. Depending on the purpose and message you want to relay, you can better narrow down what display you place in the window.

Say you run a bakery. Naturally, you want all your customers to see your tasty treats. Place your best designs and most popular items in the winter. Try and match the treats with whatever season or holiday is currently happening. You have so much material to work with in the autumn and winter months.

Clean Entrance

A clean entrance speaks volumes about your business. If it’s messy from the outside, people will assume your place of business looks the same inside. No one wants to shop or linger around a filthy business. Keep the glass windows and doors clean and rid them of any smudges.

Use a microfiber cloth and cleaning solution at the end and beginning of each day. Keep a broom and shovel close by to clean out leaves in the fall and snow in the winter. There needs to be a clear path leading to the entrance at all times.

Better Lighting

Better lighting always leads the way. The right amount of illumination will intrigue even people who weren’t considering shopping that day. So keep the lighting on the displays in the window.

A single beam blasting on them will give off the appearance of a spotlight and provide more stage presence for your business. Consider having light surrounding your signs so that patrons can better read the message.

Proper Signage

Send everyone walking by your store a message with proper signage. Consider using one of our window sign holders to make the presentation even better. Here at The Global Display Solution, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with equipment for their signs that help set them apart.

Get a few different designs so that you can change them out and stay current and stylish. Make sure you clean the holders, the windows, and the doors properly. Keep the message on the signs short and sweet rather than overly complicated.

Maintained Lots

You should also keep the parking lots well maintained. A dirty, damaged, cracked, and overcrowded lot discourages patrons from getting close to the store. Take care of any divots, cracks, or potholes the lot has developed.

Make sure the lot is well organized with proper striping, and create enough space for cars to pass through easily. Provide a few arrows in the lot as well so that drivers go in the right direction and avoid potential accidents.

The curb appeal of your business matters, which is why it’s crucial to consider these five entrance ideas to improve it. For more information, visit our website.