5 Merchandising Display Ideas for C-Stores

5 Merchandising Display Ideas for C-Stores


Convenience store owners are always trying to push the envelope and sell new items to their customers. If you want to attract more attention to your products, read these five merchandising display ideas for c-stores you can try.

Use Creative Graphics

Every business needs an attractive logo and creative graphics to go along with it. Use your best creative minds to develop designs that will wow your customers. You should find ways to engage their eyes from the moment they walk in.

Encourage Tactile Experiences

The way a product feels impacts a customer’s willingness to buy it. A hairdryer that is too bulky or a pillow that is too rough will detract from customer satisfaction. Instead of setting up a basic display with products in their boxes, you should open a few items and encourage people to interact with them. If you choose this option, tie the items down to the display with wire rope.

Maintain a Theme

Colors have a huge impact on the way a consumer experiences a product. You should work across all departments at your convenience store to come up with a consistent theme that matches your company’s colors and vibe. For example, if your logo contains a smiling sun, you can use yellows, reds, and oranges in your theme design to match. This will create a consistent brand identity in your customers’ minds.

Add Accent Lighting

Your customers should see the products before they buy them. And what better way to do that than to accentuate the products with special lighting? Accent lighting can go a long way in attracting customer attention and highlighting the best features of a product.

Plan Your Floor Layout

Every product display sits in your storefront among the other aisles and stands. You must factor in every aspect of the floor layout to maximize display visibility. Think about things like foot traffic flow, areas of high customer concentration, and customer movement logic.

Remember these five merchandising display ideas for c-stores as you plan your marketing campaign. If you need a wall mount sign frame or any other display tools, reach out to us at The Global Display Solution to find what you need.