5 Reasons Why Brick and Mortar Retail Will Never Disappear

5 Reasons Why Brick and Mortar Retail Will Never Disappear

Published by Global Display Solution on September 29, 2022, 3:27 am

Online shopping has taken the world by storm, and the pandemic forced everything even further online. People do enjoy online shopping, but there is something about physically being inside of a store that will never go out of style. And we can prove it to you too. Here are five reasons why brick-and-mortar retail will never disappear.

The Internet Lies

The internet lies. We all know this. Because anyone can have access to it, it’s incredibly easy to make up a story and run with it. It’s even easier to create an entire fake company and steal money from hard-working people. You can’t trust everything you read online, especially when it comes to shopping.

You might think you’ve stumbled upon a trustworthy site, but you never know. People can even make up customer reviews so it looks like they’re talking about their products. Don’t be fooled, and don’t believe the hype. Anyone can make a fake site, but not everyone can own an actual retail store.

More goes into running a brick-and-mortar business. You need to prove to a long line of people that your business is trustworthy. When you enter a store, you know exactly what you’re getting. You know what you’ve signed up for, and it shows in your purchases.

In the store, you have a chance to try on the clothes and see if the size on the label is correct. You can try out the product to see if it performs the way you want it to before you commit to it. The personal touch of a store is something an online experience can never offer.

Human Contact

Speaking of personal touch, brick-and-mortar stores offer human connection. COVID-19 forced everyone to go into isolation, and humans are not built for that sort of lifestyle. We crave human contact and connection, even if some of us are homebodies.

Knowing that you have the option to connect with people at some point gives you peace of mind, whether you choose to partake in it or not. Staying indoors and shopping behind a computer screen forever is not a healthy way to live. Eventually, people will want to venture out and leave their homes.

The social interactions people get while shopping does not happen in the cyber world. You have a chance to meet up with friends or family and chat about new developments in your life when you’re out and about. Trying to imitate the experience virtually will prove disappointing.

Instantaneous Results

People often make the common misconception that the internet produces fast results. This is false. How many times have you caught yourself staring out your window, wondering when your package will arrive? How often do you check back in on that site for a status update? Has the order been processed? Did they ship it out? What’s the expected delivery date?

These are questions you never have to ask with in-person shopping because you get it right when you need it. The results are much faster. After you find what you’re looking for, you can leave the store with it immediately. There are times when the item you want may not be in the store, but then you can always try another one down the road.

Owners and managers make it their business to ensure their most popular items are fully stocked. They even do the same thing with the less popular items. It’s about pleasing the consumer and making sure what they need is there. Imagine running out of milk while making a cake. No one wants to order the milk and wait for it to arrive. You need brick-and-mortar retail stores for those last-minute stops.

Customer Service

As previously stated, online shopping has nothing on human interaction. Those robotic customer service reps never fully satisfy customers. This is why people are always screaming on the phone, asking to speak with an agent. They need a live human to handle their problem. Some sites even have it set up where they don’t have a phone number, only an email address. How annoying is that?

Some online storefronts have instant chats set up, but the responses you’ll receive are automated and don’t always answer your question or fulfill your request. Companies set them up to answer some of their more common questions, but what if you have a unique situation? You don’t want to deal with never resolving your issue.

In-person customer service reps are unmatched. They see the concern on your face and fully hear the problem. And that customer service experience begins way before you have a problem. If you’re in the store browsing, they’ll let you know to look for them if you need help with anything.

And if you are browsing the store and can’t find an item, they’ll point it out for you immediately. That personal connection between employee and shopper is what keeps your business going.

The Adrenaline Rush

There is an adrenaline rush you get when shopping in person. There is nothing like it, especially on the weekends. That’s when most people are out running their errands, and there is a particular thrill that goes through the air. For some reason, it feels better swiping your card than simply hitting the “process payment” button.

Looking at those prices up close and personal does not have the same effect as behind a computer screen. Products in the store are priced differently sometimes too. You don’t have to worry about upcharges, hidden fees, or delivery charges. The price you see placed inside that shelf price tag holder will only slightly increase due to tax.

You don’t need any additional surprises with your purchase besides that. Plus, doing some in-person shopping is a great way to get that cardio in. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. Shopping is a physical activity involving a lot of walking. People shop everywhere, and some even take the time to do it while they’re out of town. It’s an activity that will never go out of style.

Here at The Global Display Solutions, we recognize the importance of brick-and-mortar retail and believe its popularity will never allow it to disappear. Take comfort in this fact, and use that information to find new ways to improve your store. In fact, let us help you! For more information, visit our website.

5 Reasons Why Brick and Mortar Retail Will Never Disappear