5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Digital Kiosk For Your Business

17th Jul 2019

digital kiosks portland

In the world we live in today, consumers have become increasingly reliant on technology. Businesses have not been left behind as innovation takes center stage in improving customer experience and customer retention. While companies rushed to have apps developed for their stores, many are sitting idly with little to no activity. But the digital kiosks Portland has to offer are the solution to the convenience business wanted to bring by using apps. Here are five reasons why your business should have a digital kiosk.

  1. Convenience: Consumers are not limited to making purchases during traditional business hours. While most people will use their smartphones when carrying out research on items to buy, 77% will still visit the store to make a purchase. The convenience produced by digital kiosks Portland means that your clients can buy after hours increasing your sales significantly.
    You might include a digital kiosk where customers can scan products and print out coupons, eliminating the need to download anything first. Customers can also self-service and order items on the spot.

  2. Reduces overhead: Hiring employees is vital for any business, and the value they bring to your organization cannot be refuted. Digital kiosks Portland companies use, however, help you reduce overhead while maintaining your customers and increasing your sales. These interactive machines can serve a myriad of purposes. You can use it to give people directions and steer them to the right destination when they come to your business premises, eliminating the need for a secretary. They also save on staff time by answering your clients' frequently asked questions, which gives your staff more time to perform other duties.

  3. They are versatile: The uses of digital kiosks vary from company to company. You might need one to give directions while another company needs it for price tags or as a product display stand. Your kiosk will also help you cut down on lines and answer essential questions, make reservations, and even show meeting schedules. Digital kiosks are more like a website.
    Do you have an important event your customers should know about? No problem, your digital kiosk is the perfect digital display stand to help you create awareness. Digital kiosks are the perfect retail display ideas to use when you want your customers to learn about discounts and offers in your business.

  4. Easy setup and maintenance: Just like digital signage, maintenance of these kiosks is minimal, which translates to a high return on investment. They come with an integrated management system from where you can change the information displayed on your kiosk quickly and conveniently. The company that installs the kiosk will show you how to make changes so you can use your kiosk efficiently without any hiccups.
    People without design experience are also catered for with the dozens of templates that come with the kiosk. All you have to do is choose a template and edit it to fit your business needs without getting the headache associated with coming up with sophisticated designs.

  5. They are novel: Digital kiosks may be catching up in the marketing field, but they aren’t found everywhere. This gives them the ability to grab people’s attention simply because customers are not used to seeing them around. According to research, people are likely to tell their friends and family about something that impressed them at a store. This word of mouth marketing will pull in more people to your store, and translate into sales.

Because of the benefits they offer to both businesses and their customers, the popularity of digital kiosks is growing tremendously. Research has indicated that their use in the business world will increase by 15% by the year 2020. A whole 44% of banking institutions have admitted to using digital kiosks in their banking halls to give directions and cut down on lines, which has increased staff efficiency.

Digital kiosks Portland has to offer will be valuable to your business regardless of your size and nature of business. Healthcare, hotels, government buildings, and retail store are adapting these interactive machines, and a means to increase brand awareness as they interact with their audience. Incorporating a digital kiosk in your business is adding an asset.