5 Ways To Boost Sales & Increase In-Store Conversions

5 Ways To Boost Sales & Increase In-Store Conversions

Published by Global Display Solution on June 1, 2022, 9:44 am

As a retail store owner, you put a significant amount of time and effort into attracting potential customers’ attention and getting them through your door. Because of this, you might feel frustrated to see customers walk out without spending much time in your store or purchasing anything. Track your store’s conversion rates to get an idea of how many people visit your store versus how many make a purchase. If your conversion rates are low, you can try to solve this problem with these five ways to boost sales and increase in-store conversions.

1. Enlist Your Employees

No matter what industry category your retail business falls into, it’s crucial to involve your employees in the customer retention and conversion process. Your employees help shape a customer’s experience while shopping at your store, from offering friendly greetings when patrons enter to providing excellent customer service at checkout. Include customer service training in the employee onboarding process, even if your employees have similar prior experience.

2. Cut Down on Wait Times

Nothing will get a potential customer to walk out faster than seeing a lengthy line at the checkout counter. It’s important to hire staff based on your customer traffic. This ensures that you keep better queues during your heaviest traffic periods. Upgrading your POS system at checkout can also help minimize the time customers spend paying. It will help your associates keep the line moving.

3. Optimize Your Layout

If your store layout is too busy or confusing, customers will be less likely to browse your products or search out the item they’re looking for. Keep your store layout organized and promote a good flow with your products. Keep products in similar categories grouped together and make sure their prices are visible. Using shelf strips is a great way to display product prices and provide more information about a product or group of products.

4. Help Customers Find What They Need

If your customers have visited your retail store in hopes of finding a specific product but can’t find it, of course they’re going to leave empty-handed. Utilize your optimized employee training and store layouts to help customers. Train your employees to routinely ask customers if they need assistance with questions like, “Can I help you find something?” or, “What are you looking for today?” You can also use hanging signage by setting up mounted sign holders to direct customers.

5. Reward Your Customers

Finally, promising your customers a reward for shopping at your business is an effective way to encourage customers to make it through the checkout. For example, consider including a gift for new customers or offer special promotions. Make sure to advertise these promotions throughout your store so that customers know they can get freebies once they make it to the checkout.

If your business is struggling with low conversion rates, try using these five ways to boost sales and increase in-store conversions. These tips can help you improve your customer’s in-store experience and keep them coming back to shop with you again in the future.