5 Ways To Find Trending Products To Sell in Your Store

5 Ways To Find Trending Products To Sell in Your Store

Published by Global Display Solution on May 4, 2023, 3:24 am

Sometimes increasing the sales in your store has nothing to do with changing the layout or making your current products seem more appealing. Sometimes it’s about finding a new, hip, and popular item to bring in more shoppers. That said, you don’t want to take a shot in the dark and guess what will move off shelves. Check out these five ways to find trending products to sell in your store.

Benefits of Trendy Products

The best thing about trendy items is they’re universal. The items typically don’t appeal to just one small crowd or demographic. Instead, the trend could interest your entire customer base. And with the help of the internet, that makes the scope even wider.

A trendy item’s popularity has a direct impact on the supply and demand industry. Customers will want that very product, and they will look for all sources and outlets to provide it for them. Ensure your store is one of these outlets, and watch how the profits immediately increase.

This doesn’t mean that the product will sell itself. Store owners still need to do some advertising and work on their end so that shoppers know where to look. Spread out the areas where you choose to promote your products too.

How To Find Trendy Products

Finding the best trends involves a little extra work. It requires more than keeping your ear to the ground and following hearsay. Keeping up with your audience’s interests requires rigorous research and strategic planning. Luckily for you, there are many tools to help you spot trends.

Get Chummy with Google

First and foremost, you need to buddy up with Google. Now’s the time to see that search engine as your best friend. Google does great work at keeping track of and relaying information about popular trends.

From time to time, Google will even transform its site slogan to reflect that exact trend. But the site also has more specific tools to help businesses succeed in this arena. Google Trends allows you to plot trends over time so that you can discover if an item is becoming popular or not.

Search for a specific item and plot the trajectory. Make predictions for the future and decide how much inventory of that item you plan to order.

Search Popular Online Marketplaces

There are Amazon users, and then there are Amazon movers and shakers. Amazon has a suggestion feature where it displays some of the most popular products currently trending, and using this feature can greatly benefit your business.

Explore these items and see which ones are most feasible to sell inside your store. Locate the feature inside the marketplace search bar. The feature highlights popular products that don’t have their own category yet. Keeping an eye on these items will help get you ahead of the competition.

As for other online marketplaces, consider looking at Etsy and popular sections on wish list websites. Supplying all the products customers want to buy and place on their wish lists will make your store seem more appealing.

Watch the Influencers

The influencers have a good hand in the game. And their title should be convincing enough. As an influencer, they have a lot of people following them and taking their suggestions seriously.

Narrow it down to a specific demographic. After deciding on the shopper you want to appeal to, find the influencers that fit within the category. Some of them might even endorse the same or similar products, which is further proof you should keep them in stock.

Investigate whatever new products they start to endorse. Your research should show you whether these products are a good fit for your store. Go to Google Trends and type in the items in the search engine. See how well they’ve been doing before you plan to start selling them.

Follow the Hashtag

Watching and following influencers is the perfect segue to social media. Most of the world lives on social media now. It is the perfect platform to discuss and discover all things popular. All you need to do is sift through the content that doesn’t matter.

Twitter trending hashtags and the Facebook Ad Library are two great places to start off. Users constantly discuss and promote food items and healthy eating options. They also discuss popular cosmetics and skin care products people are currently trying.

Make a note of which topics are trending regularly and what content people are constantly sharing. The Facebook Ad Library is an untapped resource every store owner should take advantage of.

Get ahead of the competition before they even get an idea of what’s popular. Keep a close eye on competing brands to see what products they’re selling and promoting through ads.

Look Up Reddit Conversations

Reddit is another great resource. Look at this content aggregation site as another social media platform. The conversations that happen on this site will lead your business to some great information. There’s a lot of noise on Reddit, and all you need to do is read through the conversations to discover how people feel about certain trends.

This task may take some time because it’s a lot of information to sift through. Try to make browsing Reddit’s relevant threads a weekly habit. Trends change constantly—something could be popular for only one week before people are off to the next trend.

Hang out in the subreddits related to your niche. In this area, you’ll see the most action. If you sell clothes, spend some time in the fashion subreddits to discover the latest trends. The same rules apply to appliances and food. Find the corresponding subreddits for those categories.

After discovering the latest product trends, start promoting them online and in-store. Customers need to walk by and know you have the goods inside. Be sure to include a shelf price tag holder near the item so customers can review the price and any other details.

At Global Display Solutions, we enjoy keeping up with what’s popular to help our customers and clients excel in their business. Sharing new ways to find trending products to sell in-store is just one piece of advice we offer. If you need help in other areas of your business, visit our website. We have the knowledge and the resources necessary to help your business succeed.

5 Ways To Find Trending Products To Sell in Your Store