5 Ways To Promote a Killer New Year’s Eve Event

5 Ways To Promote a Killer New Year’s Eve Event

Published by Global Display Solution on November 28, 2022, 9:14 am

The New Year is a perfect time for a fresh start. It’s a time when people get innovative and come up with new resolutions. Everyone and everything has a chance to make themselves over, and your business is no different.

Now’s your opportunity to create a new storefront and bring in some new business. If you need a little help getting started, don’t worry. We’ll help you. Check out these five ways to promote a killer New Year’s Eve event.

Set Your Theme

All good parties start with a theme. Themes set the entire tone for the event. Sure, you could use the New Year as the theme, but where’s the fun in that? Where’s the imagination? Here’s your chance to get creative and give your customers a really good time.

Start the planning by deciding on an awesome theme. This will get everyone in the mood for your event and make planning easier for you. Every aspect of your event will be centered around whatever you choose. The food, decorations, music, and party favors will need to coincide with the theme.

Consider a time travel theme. Everyone loves a good 70s or 80s party, and it’s even more ironic and fun on New Year’s Eve. As the world gets ready to step into a new futuristic period, you and all your guests are rocking out to the Rolling Stones or a Disco vibe. Make sure the invitations match and encourage guests to come dressed according to the theme.

You can always go another route and choose a theme that works well with your store. Customers still need to know the main attraction is your merchandise. Come up with a new product that works with the tone of the party and upsell it the most. Encourage all staff members to dress accordingly.

Go All Out

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to overindulge yourself. People look forward to the holidays for this reason alone. Your event should be no exception. Take this opportunity to promote your event based on the word “splurge.” People really like hearing phrases and words such as “all you can eat” and “unlimited.” Have a few options available for them, such as a buffet or an open bar.

Aside from offering all access to your complimentary goods, find other ways to accommodate everyone. Make your party one that people want to remember for years to come. Have a photo booth there to commemorate the best moments.

Keep going all out and include a fast and private entry for your guests. No one wants to wait in line in the winter. Make the entrance speedy so people can get to the party. Keep the common areas as clean as possible. Restrooms need to be plentiful and pristine. Guests won’t spend too much time here because the party is outside, but you still want to ensure it’s adequate for them.

Make It Convenient

People love going to a party and don’t want to deal with the trouble of getting in. Make admittance easy with an electronic invitation and digital check-ins. No one goes anywhere without their phone nowadays. Send out reminders two days before your event, so they have their electronic invitation close by and don’t need to search for it.

Furthermore, keep the location convenient. Print the address in big letters, so no one gets confused. If anything is obscuring your store’s location, try to clear it up before the big event. For those who decide to drive to the event, make parking convenient for them. Complimentary valet is always a plus—especially in the winter.

No one wants to park their car far from the entrance; moreover, no one wants to deal with a far walk when it’s time to leave. Depending on the size of your event, you might need to have a couple of staff members provide valet services to ensure a long line doesn’t form outside.

Find an Influencer

Sometimes customers need a little push to come to an event. They want to see something different from what they are used to. This is the perfect time to include an influencer or a local celebrity. Social media fame is huge right now, and hiring an influencer to hype your event is a great way to get people invested.

Find an influencer from Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube. See if you can get them to come out to your event for a couple of hours and advertise like crazy. Do a build-up alluding to the person’s identity, so the suspense is much greater. Once you reveal the influencer, promote it on your website and social media profiles. Get them to do it, too. And, of course, you can’t forget to include it in your retail display solutions.

Reach out to a few influencers at a time for a better chance of hiring one. Promote your event as a business perk for them. Now, with this person in your back pocket, you’re set the throw the best New Year’s Eve event to close out a successful year.

Partner With Vendors

Partnering with vendors and sponsors is always a great way to get the word out. You and your staff can only do so much. Having more people to promote the event provides a wider reach. You’ll get customers from all over because they’ll be interested in everything you’re offering that day.

Try to include popular vendors that people already flock to and that share your values and business goals. You don’t want conflicting ideas or themes on the day of your event; it will make everything look unorganized.

Propose cross-promoting on social media channels with your sponsors and vendors. Make sure the vendors arrive a few hours before the event, so the set-up runs smoothly. Don’t wait until the last minute for anything because rushing will only take away from the event.

Throwing killer events and promoting them is what we’re all about here at Global Display Solutions. And there is no better time than New Year’s Eve to host. We want to help make your business as successful as it can be. Contact us today for more information.

5 Ways To Promote a Killer New Year’s Eve Event