A Guide To Setting up Lighting for Your Store Displays

A Guide To Setting up Lighting for Your Store Displays

Posted by Global Display Solution on 07.07.21

Attracting customers to your business can be a challenge. But once they are inside, you want to hook them on certain products and items. The best way to do this is with product displays throughout your store. While there are dozens of aspects to consider with a store display, you should first think about the setup—and more specifically, the lighting. Here is a guide to setting up lighting for your store displays.

Determine Your Mood

The very first thing you must determine before plugging in any lights is the mood you want to establish. Do you want a flashy, exciting display with colorful, pulsing lights? Do you want a display with simple, visible, accessible lighting? Do you want to set a moody, thought-provoking light? If you want to evoke any of these emotions, you will need very different lighting techniques.

Utilize Various Lighting Types

Once you know how you want your display to appear, you will need to utilize various lighting types to accomplish your vision. The core types of retail lighting to know about are accent, task, decorative, and ambient lighting.

Accent light will highlight key products on your display and bring items into focus for the customer. Retailers use task lighting to brighten areas where customers complete activities like trying on clothes or checking out at the register. Ambient lighting is the background appearance you set with the overhead lights. Finally, decorative light is all about creating an aesthetic rather than serving an explicit purpose. You can use each of these types of lighting to your advantage with a display.

Set Up Multiple Light Sources

If you only use one type of light for your display, it will look odd. So, mix and match to find the right blend of light to serve your purposes while providing everything the customer needs. For example, suppose you want to display a new line of shoes. You should use accent light on each pair of promotional shoes along with the ambient light overhead to establish a bright, exciting array. You can then add a task light over the try-on seat nearby to encourage customers to take a box and lace up a pair of new shoes. For a final touch, you’d add some decorative, blinking lights around the shoes to draw attention to your promotion. Don’t forget to light up your signage, too, especially if you have it lifted up on a pedestal sign stand.

If you need more than a guide to setting up lighting for your store displays, reach out to us at the Global Display Solutions to talk to one of our display experts. We can help you figure out the best methods and tools to maximize your in-store marketing potential.