Can Digital Kiosks Drive Sales Up?

Can Digital Kiosks Drive Sales Up?

24th Apr 2019

In the world of retail, accurate signage and display strategies can make all the difference when it comes to increasing sales. But as we move further and further into the digital age, it's worth questioning whether digital kiosks and signage can help drive sales. Keep reading to learn how digital kiosks could help your business drive sales up.

More Information

Digital kiosks offer the unique benefit of allowing customers to seek out more information on their own. And since your kiosks will be placed in strategic locations around the store, it will mean there's likely a kiosk for every department. Questions about the makeup brands your store carries? Check the kiosk without having to worry about fishing a phone out. Kiosks like this also allow customers to look at things like price comparisons, product details, and even frequently asked questions.

They're Interactive

The biggest draw of digital signage and digital kiosk technology is the interactive nature. Rather than reading a paper sign or banner in your store, customers now have the opportunity to choose how they research your products right inside your store. Considering that consumers make roughly 82% of purchase decisions in-store, this is a huge benefit. It gives your customers the freedom to seek out information as they please, and all within a convenient interactive platform.

More Time In-Store

When customers have the ability to research products in your store, it's likely they'll end up spending more time in your store per shopping trip. Not only is the information they need at their fingertips, but the products they're researching are also. More time researching could ultimately lead to more informed (and more in general) purchases.

Upselling Is Easier

Digital signage and kiosks are more than just a shiny form of advertisement. More than that, they can actually help upsell to your customers. Inform, entertain, and recommend related products to your customers with a digital signage system. When you view digital signage as a virtual salesperson, you'll be amazed at the results you might see.

In our digital age, digital signage is key to increasing sales. More than that, it can actually help your customers. Are you ready to increase sales at your store?