Common Issues With Digital Signs

Common Issues With Digital Signs

October 29, 2020, 5:29 am

Digital signage is a great way to up your marketing game. However, there are problems unique to this tool that can be a stumbling block to success. These are a few of the most common issues with digital signs to be aware of.

Design and Organization

One of the first issues many people come up against with digital signage is how to design the content. Compared to classic signage, digital signs allow for more customization. With a regular print sign, you can only present an image, but with a digital sign, you can use moving images and interactive elements. They are more eye-catching than other marketing techniques yet still accessible to most demographics. However, you need to organize the information on the screen in an intuitive and thought-provoking way. The design, along with the words themselves, should call the viewer to action—people should feel compelled to interact with your business after viewing your sign. Research more creative and effective ways to design the information, so the signs work as intended.

Presentation and Visibility

Another common issue with digital signage is the presentation. The placement of any signage is key to its success. A stop sign on a roadway is ineffective if not placed near the driver and at the appropriate intersection. The same concept is true with digital signage—you must make sure the placement is sensible and the information is visible. One key aspect of signage is readability. Is your font large enough for far-off viewers to read? Do your colors clash and make the words difficult to decipher? If your signage is closer to people or on the ground, think about the eye-level height of the average viewer. With the current pandemic, it is important to have a sneeze guard in front of the sign to keep surfaces clean, too.

Technical Difficulties

Digital signs can be a great improvement to your marketing plan, but some challenges come along with using technology. As with other electronics, there are software updates, hardware malfunctions, and file format incompatibilities to factor in. However, the benefits outweigh the potential frustrations of learning a new system. If you are having issues with your digital sign, consult the manual for your model—many companies provide online versions in case you have lost the hard copy. Some problems may be too challenging to untangle on your own, but you can reach out to a professional directly, like those on our team here at The Global Display Solution, for help.

Understanding these common issues with digital signs can help you better utilize this fantastic marketing tool. If you are interested in digital signage or have additional questions about the format, reach out to our team at The Global Display Solution today.