Common Uses for Your A-Frame Sign

Common Uses for Your A-Frame Sign


An A-frame sign is a handy tool that can easily present information in an appealing and noticeable way. Though there are many applications for these signs, they are especially helpful for businesses looking to generate more interest and customer traffic. Here are the most common uses for your A-frame sign.

Sidewalk Advertising

An A-frame sign is perfect for sidewalk advertising. Regardless of where your store is, people will walk or drive by who will stop and notice a sign in their path. A-frames are perfect for general promotion of your store and alerting passersby of your presence, especially if you operate a smaller business that many are not yet familiar with. You can also use it for advertising your deals and notifying customers about your current promotions. If you need a sidewalk A-frame sign holder, check out our selection at The Global Display Solution.

Directional Signage

A-frame signage is perfect for giving directions. When people need to find parking for your store, you can point them in the right direction. You can also use them inside your store. Navigational signs are beneficial for larger storefronts that may have sections separated by large aisles. A-frames can give new customers a convenient and straightforward experience at your store.

Event Information

When you host an event at your store, you want to show people where they should go and what is going on at each station. For example, say you run a supermarket, and you have a special market sample event. Before the event, you will want signs showing volunteers or staff where they should go to get their assignment for the event. Then, as visitors begin flowing, you can use these signs to show them around your incredible display. You may have several tables set up inside; if so, A-frame signs can show people where a particular food tasting is and how to get there.

Remember these common uses for your A-frame sign so you can make an impact with your customers and staff. Whether you want to generate more business or organize your operation, A-frame signage is the way to go.