Factors To Consider When Choosing a Sign Holder

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Sign Holder

December 4, 2020, 2:50 am

You post signage around your store or business so customers can observe the information you present. However, there are many instances where people either cannot see or understand the signs you put up. Several of these issues pertain to the way you place the signage itself. These are a handful of the important factors to consider when choosing a sign holder.

Focus on Visibility

The main thing you want in a sign holder is visibility. Whether this is a constrained border or complete invisibility, no one should focus on the sign holder unless its purpose or theme somehow relates to the sign. Visibility also relates to the placement of the sign. Keep the customer’s height and viewpoint in mind as you post it. For example, when using a price tag holder clip, you want a transparent piece that doesn’t impede customer’s visibility when looking at product prices.

Consider Versatility

Though you may change out your signs often, chances are you don’t want to replace the sign holders every time you switch the information inside. So, consider versatility when choosing a sign holder; you’ll save time and money on your displays. Think about how many kinds of signs a given holder can show and how you might use it in your day-to-day operations.

Know the Size

Signage works effectively because it catches the attention of consumers. To do this, signs come in all shapes and sizes. Be sure you know the size of the sign holder you choose. If you use the wrong size, you won’t have a way to present your information securely and adequately—and it most definitely won’t catch anyone’s attention. If you already have a sign ready to mount, have these measurements on hand when selecting the holder.

Remember Mounting

The mounting is critical to understand for any sign. Whether you will simply need a few small nails or an array of drywall screws and stands, it’s important to understand how the sign holder attaches to the wall, bar, table, or other surfaces you plan to use. You probably do not want a heavy sign holder with extensive installation instructions for a simple poster.

Learn the Intended Purpose

Manufacturers often craft sign holders with a specific purpose in mind, so learn about this intended use before selecting any holders. For example, if you’re looking for tag holders and warehouse label holders like ours at The Global Display Solution, you won’t choose a poster holder.

Know these factors to consider when choosing a sign holder before you ship a product to your business. Research is the most important tool at your disposal. If you have any questions about finding the right sign holder for your need, reach out to us at The Global Display Solution today.