Hot Summer Ideas To Increase Sales in Your Store

Hot Summer Ideas To Increase Sales in Your Store

Published by Global Display Solution on May 3, 2023, 2:44 am

It’s almost that time to shop ‘till you drop. Warm weather really does bring out the itch to shop. As the weather improves, your profits need to as well. If you need a little help, we’ve got some suggestions for you to consider. Check out these hot summer ideas to increase sales in your store.

Bring the Outside In

Foot traffic is heavy when the weather permits it. But you want to do more than have shoppers glance at your store windows while walking. You need to get them to stop, stare, and come inside. Consider creating some displays outside your store.

Place some of your most popular items outside so customers feel compelled to come in and explore the rest. Bring customers in by displaying your products outside. And don’t stick with one display. Change it up every day so shoppers can see the variety you have to offer.

Kick Off the Summer Right

Kick off the summer the right way. The first day of summer is worth celebrating. Consider hosting an in-store event with deals for customers to indulge in. Promote the event on your store’s website and social media accounts.

If you want to join an event that’s already planned, that works too. Many cities and towns throw summer festivals or block parties. See how you can get a booth at one of these events to expand your customer reach or even become a sponsor for the event and hang a sign.

Find the Tourists

Summer is the best time to travel. If your business happens to be in a city people often visit, you’re in luck. This is a chance to appeal to a new demographic. Now’s the time to make your store interesting to everyone.

You need to promote and advertise your store’s best assets. Shoppers need to see products they feel they can’t get in their hometown. Get your website listed on review sites like TripAdvisor, Google Places, and Yelp. Tourists look to these sites as guides for places to visit.

Offer a Loyalty Program

Reward loyal customers for coming back for more, and they might even bring friends. A loyalty program works miracles. Consider offering a discount after they spend a certain amount of money, or send them off with a gift after so many visits.

Keep track of your loyal customers’ purchases to reward them properly. The gift could be a new product you’re trying to promote. Once they get a sample size, they might come back to buy the bigger one. Promote the loyalty program throughout the store on various displays like a door sign holder.

Increase the sales in your store with these hot summer ideas. If you need further assistance with improving your business, check out our website. At Global Display Solutions, we have plenty of advice on increasing your sales!