How Digital Signs Can Enhance Your Brand and Your Business

13th Aug 2019

When you're trying to advertise your business and develop a strong, recognizable brand, no marketing technique should be discarded. Even though trends in the advertising world have become increasingly digital, research and reality alike show that there are still major benefits to be had from using digital signs. But it's important that you consider every part of your signage efforts, from design to placement, as every detail can have great impacts on the success of your marketing efforts. By following some of our simple guideposts, you can arm yourself with the knowledge that is needed to use digital signs in the most effective way possible to enhance your brand and your business.

The success that results from using the right display racks, digital kiosks, and metal sign stands is not only observable in day to day business practice, but is also backed up by academic research. There have been several studies conducted about signage and how it relates to an increase in sales. One such study from Brigham Young University showed that merchandise with a sign outsold merchandise without a sign by 20%. When you consider the compounding effects that a %20 advantage can provide, then it's clear that using the right digital signs is something you should not overlook for both the immediate and long-term growth of your business and the stability of its branding efforts.

Placing your signs in the right spots to optimize exposure is a valuable skill to learn. It can be helpful to experiment with placement as you begin. With some trial and error, it should be easy to spot which of your signs are being viewed more and why. Observing typical customer behavior and popular spots for foot traffic can illuminate your strategies for adjustment as you move forward. Window displays are also a great option to capture the attention of people who may be passing by, or those who regularly visit the area. Again, it's helpful to experiment and allow yourself to make changes as needed.

The design of your digital signs is also important. In an advertising landscape that uses every method to grab the attention of potential customers, it's a good idea to make sure that your designs stand out from the noise. By using a designer that has experience in your particular industry, you can consult with them on best practices that engage and grab the attention of customers interested in that specific industry. For example, if you're making new deli meat signs you will want to take a different design approach from someone who is producing vinyl price tags. If you keep such considerations in mind when working with a designer, then you shouldn't have any trouble executing a concept that works for your needs.

As the advertising landscape continues to grow and evolve, so will the strategies that are used to capture customer attention. By investing in digital signs you are sure to stay relevant to your customers while also building a brand and a business that has longevity and recognition.