How Do In-Store Promotions Work?

How Do In-Store Promotions Work?

Posted by Global Display Solution on 02.18.21

One of the primary keys to business success is advertising. The way you market your products and services impacts the likelihood that people will visit your store and purchase items once they’re there. How do in-store promotions work? Well, here’s a quick guide.

What Are In-Store Promotions?

When your customers plan an excursion to your store, they likely have one of two agendas: purchase a specific product or treat themselves to something fun. Regardless of your customer type, you can reach both with effective in-store promotions. These promotions include all marketing efforts you make in your brick-and-mortar store. You can have online advertisements and off-site billboards, but in-store promotions are exclusively on-site efforts.

How Do They Work?

People come to your store mostly because they know what you sell. Yet, they may have an open budget or willingness to add other worthy items to their shopping cart, so draw attention to high-ticket or high-value items that’ll attract buyers. In-store promotions work because they capitalize on the physical presence of the customer. As people move through your aisles, their eyes skim the shelves for the best prices and products. Placing promotions in the consumer’s path will increase the chances that they’ll buy another item then and there.

How Can You Implement One?

Your customers walk through your door for any number of reasons. But once they’re in, they’re yours. You have ample opportunities to use window displays, product tables, and promotional signage to secure their purchase. Utilize effective signage and equipment, such as our wall-mount sign holder at The Global Display Solution. Work with your marketing team and graphic designers to create a unique marketing effort in your store. Though you want your color themes and branding to remain uniform across your advertisements, put extra effort into your in-store work. This is where you can most quickly and easily initiate sales conversions.

The next time someone asks, “How do in-store promotions work?” you can give them a clear answer. Your signage and product placement matters, especially if you want to promote specific items. Take charge of your customers’ experience with signage options from our selection at The Global Display Solution.