How To Advertise New Products at Your Supermarket

How To Advertise New Products at Your Supermarket

Posted by Global Display Solution on 04.19.21

When you take a new product to market, you want a well-received rollout. However, this doesn’t happen overnight. You need weeks of preparation in advance to plan out marketing initiatives and print ads for your new items. Here is how to advertise new products at your supermarket.

Consider a Promotional Discount

New products are exciting to roll out, especially when you spent time and money developing a new option that will benefit your customers. If you want a successful introduction, you should attract more attention to the rollout with a promotional discount. You can offer a buy one, get one 50 percent off, or a buy two, get one free. Though you always want to make a profit, your focus with new products should be establishing product recognition and loyalty for future customers. Once people are familiar with the item they’re more likely to buy it again.

Offer Various Tastings

As a supermarket, you specialize in the foods people need and those they didn’t even know they wanted. Tastings are the perfect way to expose customers to new foods and give them the immediate satisfaction of eating new products on the spot.

There are two main ways to go about tastings: standalone sample trays and operated sampling tables. The standalone option enables stores to set out the special products they want customers to try. These trays sit out, and people simply walk by and grab a bite on their own. On the other hand, operating sampling tables require a dedicated staff person to handle all sampling activities. They work to replenish eaten pieces and market the product to passersby.

Provide Fun Menu Ideas

When you offer tastings at each station, you should have a stack of packaged products for people to pick up and buy. However, you shouldn’t stop there. Invent a few meal ideas or flavor combinations that customers could try with this new product. For example, if you roll out a new smoked gouda, you could give people some fancy macaroni and cheese recipes to try along with meal ideas built around the gouda concept. This will pique people’s interest and increase the chance you’ll secure a purchase.

Once you know how to advertise new products at your supermarket, you can set up your signs to get the word out. If you need any help finding signage solutions, check out our sign sleeves at Global Display Solutions.