How To Choose the Best Poster Frame Size

How To Choose the Best Poster Frame Size

Published by Global Display Solution on September 8, 2021, 2:01 pm

When setting up an advertising display for your business, it can be hard to plan out every detail. Even the smallest particulars, such as poster frames, are vital to remember, especially when displaying important promotions or information. To help make the display planning process a bit easier, keep reading to find out how to choose the best poster frame size for your business.

Measure Your Piece

You need to know the measurements of your print or poster first to figure out which size frame will fit best. Measure the length and width of your piece and make a note so that you can compare it to frame sizes. Also, note the thickness of the piece you’re working with, as some frames will only support standard paper thicknesses. So, if you’re working with canvas or cardboard materials, you may need a custom or specialty frame.

Standard Sizing Guidelines

The standard sizing rule for prints, movie posters, and other poster sizes is that you should choose a frame with an inch of extra room around the image. Doing this will prevent any part of the image from becoming covered should the frame not fit as expected. However, try not to leave any more border space, as too much space around the image could give it an odd appearance. You don’t necessarily need to follow this rule with small images, though. Small prints and posters usually won’t fit the dimensions of a frame exactly. In such cases, you’ll want to get a mat to fill in the extra space.

Style and Frame Type

Once you have your ideal frame size, you’ll need to choose the frame type. Mounted sign holders come in a range of colors and materials to match your store’s needs and aesthetic. For example, if your display features warm wood tones and materials, consider choosing a matching wooden frame. If you’re running out of wall or window space near your display, go with a floor or standing sign holder. Most frames have simple black designs so as not to distract from the image itself.

Follow these tips for how to choose the best poster frame size for your business’s display. By taking careful measurements and carefully selecting a style, you’ll have a frame that perfectly suits your poster and store.