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How to Create Impulse Buys with 3 Easy Tricks


Consumers can be tricky. As a business owner, is it important to understand how to relate to your customers. After all, getting your customers to buy products at your store is the number one goal of any retail business owner. If they aren't buying, you aren't making money. And isn't that the whole point of owning a business?

How do you successfully get your clientele to buy your products? One of the biggest aspects of a product that lures in potential buys is the product's appearance. Up to 16% of impulse or unplanned purchases were due to a display noticed by the customer while they shopping, according to a study conducted by Mass Merchant in 2014.

What does this mean for you, a business owner? It means you have to step up your point of sale display racks, grab customers attention, and earn some money!

According to Inc.com, having simple displays is one of the first steps to marketing to your consumer. An example of this is having clear price tag sleeves or other obvious pricing displays on the shelves. If a customer cannot tell how much an item will cost them because of missing or confusing price tags, then they are much less likely to buy that item. Being clear and consistent is crucial for successful marketing to customers. 

Another element of successful displays is to make sure they are always changing, says Inc.com. If a customer sees the same display stands for a few weeks in a row, they will stop looking at the display altogether. Therefore, it is very important to regularly change up your display racks to keep your space fresh. Even if you are trying to convey the same message, for instance, if it's a written message, changing up the wording of the message and creating a new design for the poster board will pique the interest of your customers again. 

Lastly, displays need to be attention-grabbing. You want your customers to not be able to ignore your display. Sometimes using things like bright colors helps draw the eye of the consumer to your product. Another method is to have a large quantity of those items on the shelf, maybe even taking up its own section in the store. Having a large shop display stand can also make it difficult for your customers to ignore the product that you are trying to sell.

If you want to get your customers to participate in impulse buys, remember these tips when organizing your display racks to optimize on earning potential!


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