How To Cultivate Restaurant Curb Appeal

How To Cultivate Restaurant Curb Appeal


As a restaurant owner, you undoubtedly have outward-facing advertising strategies geared toward promoting your business and new products. But many people find their way to your restaurant by simply driving past. Curb appeal describes all marketing efforts that center on your physical business location and presentation. If you need to boost brand recognition and get people in the door, here is how to cultivate restaurant curb appeal.

Lean Into Landscaping

The first thing people notice about your restaurant is your physical building. If you rent your space, you likely can't make cosmetic changes to the building's structure. However, you can work with your landlord to create a landscaping plan that'll attract customers. Have you ever driven by a tropical-themed restaurant with palm trees and thought they would provide a fun, authentic experience? Well, the same goes for your eatery. Create attractive landscaping that relates to your theme. People may notice a unique tree or beautiful flower bed when they pass by.

Convey Cleanliness

Cleanliness is vital for any establishment, but especially for a restaurant. You may have an "A" stamp of approval for your indoor operations, but a dirty sidewalk or messy outdoor appearance will make people question your sanitation. Ensure that the area around and inside your store is clean, paying particular attention to places passersby will see. You should also clean up stray trash in your parking areas. Stepping over garbage as you enter a restaurant doesn't instill confidence.

Show Signage

Your signage is critical to getting your message out. You should do everything in your power to maximize the visibility of your sign and draw attention to your restaurant. You should also consider placing menu stands out on your sidewalk. This, along with other signage, will remind people that you serve delicious food. All your signage should match your indoor color scheme. Present a unified, attractive vision for everyone who visits your restaurant.

Once you know how to cultivate restaurant curb appeal, you can begin attracting more people into your eatery. If you need a sign display stand like our curved pedestal menu stand at The Global Display Solution, reach out to our team today.