How to Display Business Brochures Professionally

How to Display Business Brochures Professionally


Every marketing campaign has a creative strategy behind it. All the materials and methods you employ should work together to build your business. If you want to branch out from simple signs and newspaper ads, here is how to display business brochures professionally.

Find a Prominent Place

All marketing materials should be in plain sight. You want business brochures to be visible and easy to spot. Find high-traffic areas where customers pass by often; that way, they can quickly grab a brochure as they peruse your store. You should also add a brochure stand next to your cash registers. Every customer must pass this area to pay and leave the store, so give them something else to grab on the way out.

Utilize Creative Fixtures

Every display with merchandise or marketing materials relies on the fixtures behind them to entice customers. Whether you use a mannequin to sell new styles or a hanging sign to drape a banner from the ceiling, your tools make all the difference in the world. Think about the store fixtures and displays you have on hand. Will they fit brochures? Will they make the pamphlets look enticing?

Go Beyond the Display

While passive advertising like billboards and signs generate interest and subsequent revenue, you can do more with your brochures than letting them sit on their own. Train your team to promote your services using the brochures themselves. While you should stress the importance of remaining professional and refraining from being pushy, you can get more traction with human-to-human interaction than with a piece of paper just sitting on the counter.

When adding new marketing materials to your campaign, you must be ready to put them out for all to see. Use these tips on displaying business brochures professionally, and watch as customers start grabbing for more information. If you have any questions about business displays, reach out to us at The Global Display Solution today.