How To Organize Your Business Storage Space

How To Organize Your Business Storage Space


Let's face it: your business storage space needs a serious makeover. If your employees grumble about your haphazard storage arrangements, answer their frustration with a simple rejoinder: organization. Here is how to organize your business storage space.

Start With Your Inventory

You need an accurate accounting of everything in storage in order to reshape the space. If you know you have more hangers than price tag moldings, you can store each item in appropriately sized bins. This will also help you reconcile any inventory discrepancies between your digital interface and physical stock. Check your inventory for out-of-stock items and reorder any dangerously low items.

Give Each Item Its Place

The most important part of organization is taking the time to give everything its place. When you finally take the time to organize, the last thing you want to do is cram forgotten items into random places. Mark out space where you will store each item and ensure the dimensions will fit the contents. With the measurements in mind and areas marked out, you can find storage solutions that fit your budget.

Consider Subcategorization

Organizing is one thing, but categorizing is quite another. You can organize items by type, but what if you have five kinds of printer paper? You'll need methods for arranging your things according to smaller categories. For example, if you have a variety of signage display options for your promotional materials, you’ll want to organize each signage piece by type. This way, you can keep your wall sign holders and price tag moldings separate. Subcategorization may sound painstakingly specific, but the end result is a precise and sensical storage space.

Your employees will waste copious amounts of time sorting through unorganized piles to find the one item they need to complete their task. If you want to circumvent these productivity problems, learn how to organize your business storage space and implement these strategies.