How to Use Guerrilla Marketing to Maximize Brand Exposure On a Budget

April 2, 2018, 3:43 am

Guerrilla marketing is an extremely useful tactic for even the most well-known brands. Although it is primarily used by businesses with a smaller marketing budget, it is a remarkably effective method if properly executed. The concept of guerrilla marketing, much like guerrilla warfare, is to approach advertising in a creative and unconventional way. It doesn't require a large budget but can be equally effective (if not more so) as traditional marketing techniques. There are many strategies that you can use if you're considering guerrilla marketing as well as books and other successful styles. Here are some common and powerful approaches to guerrilla marketing. 

  1. Bumper Stickers: The main goal of marketing is exposure so with any action you take that will be your main directive. What better place to put your brand than on someone's bumper? People read them all the time in traffic and at stops. It provides uncapped publicity potential that's only contingent on the places those cars travel to. The more cars with your bumper sticker equates to limitless demographic exposure. Consider creating a contest or giveaway where contestants receive prizes or discounts for posting a picture of their bumper sticker in different parts of the country or world on social media.

  2. Clear Window Decals: If you have a physical office space then a great way to promote yourself is to make sure that you maximize your brand and logo exposure on and around your office. Clear window decals, glass door signs, poster display stands, and suction cup signs are all great ways to add your brand to your surroundings. If people walk into or around your building, they should be aware of your existence. That means using signs on the outside of your building for people walking by to see as well as in your office or building. Make sure every door in your building and visible window are pasted with clear window decals.

  3. General Purpose Flyers and Stickers: Conceptually the same as bumper stickers, having something someone can hold and use is a great promotional method. General purpose stickers, such as laptop stickers, are marketing wildfires. If your stickers gain traction as a giveaway or promotional item, then people will begin to want and seek them out. This is when you can begin charging small amounts for the stickers to make it a more exclusive trend and therefore desired. Flyers, which can be put in flyer stands around your area or posted on every telephone pole in a 12 block radius, are subconscious advertisers. Unless someone wants the flyer, chances are it won't be picked up (unless handed to them). However, if you blanket an area with enough of them, people see them in their daily routines and subconsciously register your brand for future use.

A customer will decide whether or not to be loyal to their current brand or switch to the competitor in three to seven seconds. Don't let your insufficient marketing funds be the reason you can't keep your customers. If you're budget is relatively small for your marketing goals, consider using guerrilla marketing in your next campaign.