How To Use Shelf Strips for Cross-Merchandising

How To Use Shelf Strips for Cross-Merchandising

Published by Global Display Solution on May 12, 2022, 10:21 am

Shelf strips are a crucial tool in any retail store. From grocery stores to apparel boutiques, many types of retail stores rely on shelf strips to provide key product information to the customer. But did you know that you can use shelf strips and clips to promote cross-merchandising in your store? If you’re not already familiar with cross-merchandising, it’s a powerful marketing technique that can increase your sales and move products faster. Learn more about how to use shelf strips for cross-merchandising in your own store, no matter the industry or size.

What Are Shelf Strips

Shelf strips are the materials that line the front edge of store shelves in retail businesses, and more. Using shelf strips is an effortless way to supply more information about a product for sale and upgrade the appearance of your store’s shelves. Shelf strips usually contain marketing designs or information about the above and below product, such as the barcode, price, name, and other details.

There are many different types of shelf strips for the average retail store to utilize. For example, you can find adhesive display strips, display strip headers, printing display strips, clips, and customizable display strips. All these unique types of strips have different utility purposes throughout a store, but they can all be applied to one goal: increasing store profits.

Shelf Strip Uses in Retail Marketing

Many stores use shelf strips to display prices and other information about a product. Shelf strips are convenient tools for supplying more information about a product at a glance. It’s useful for customers to be able to learn and gather more information about a product nearby than having to track down a store associate with questions. This is one way that shelf strips help promote sales. Additionally, shelf strips and clips that can support products make a great tool for cross-merchandising as a marketing strategy. Cross-merchandising with the use of shelf clips can help you move more products through a unique display method. If you’re not already familiar with cross-merchandising, keep reading to learn more.

What Is Cross-Merchandising?

Cross-merchandising is just one technique that retail store owners use to display their products in a marketing-savvy way. Cross-merchandising is a visual technique in which store management will display complementary or related products next to each other. You might also know cross-merchandising as secondary product placement. This association of products helps promote an increase in sales. Customers might not even realize that they need a product before they see it as an accessory alongside the product they’re looking for. One example of this is displaying a cooking accessory such as a cherry pitter next to its corresponding food item. This can help increase the sales of both items out of sheer convenience for customers.

How Shelf Strips Promote Cross-Merchandising

Now that you’re refreshed on the topic of cross-merchandising, find out how shelf strips can be a powerful help in accomplishing this marketing strategy in the retail store. Not only can shelf strips help you group products together for cross-merchandising, but they can also help you promote more impulse sales and more.

Display Strips Help Group Products

Since cross-merchandising is all about displaying products together and combining familiar items into the same marketing, grouping products with display strips is an effective strategy to accomplish this. The best thing about display strips is that you can place related products together even in the smallest aisles and spaces. Retail stores that don’t have as much room to work with can greatly benefit from the space-saving benefits of shelf strips while also channeling cross-merchandising. Even larger stores that don’t have to worry about saving space can use display strips for the convenience of grouping products for cross-merchandising.

Shelf Strips Help Educate Customers

By grouping products, you can also educate customers on product combinations and uses. Shelf strips already help educate customers on product prices, information, frequently asked questions, and any other information your business decides is useful. Why not include product bundle recommendations as well? Shelf and clip strips allow you to group products together and provide more information in one. For example, when placing items in a grocery store, consider adding shelf clips to group products together by recipe. This can help provide customers with new cooking inspirations—however, you can use this educational method in any type of store. Supplying customers with more information through shelf strips can help make the buying experience more positive, which will encourage customers to keep coming back to your store.

Use Shelf Strips To Encourage Impulse Buys

As you use shelf and clip strips to group and display products together, you can also encourage impulse buying in a similar fashion. Try using clip shelf strips to pair smaller items with larger, related items. This can remind the customer that they might need some of these smaller supplies to use the larger items. For example, many general goods stores will place loofahs on clip strips in the same aisle as the beauty and shower products. This will encourage customers buying shower care products to purchase an accessory to go along with it.

Another common example of using shelf clips to promote impulse buying takes place at the point of sale. Placing clip strips with candy, toys, and other goodies can attract the eyes of children and their parents, adding on a last-minute purchase right there in the checkout aisle.

We hope this guide on how to use shelf strips for cross-merchandising can provide you with inspiration for trying this fresh marketing strategy in your own store. Cross-merchandising is a great technique that any business can use by updating their display strategy, so don’t be afraid to try it in your own business.

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How To Use Shelf Strips for Cross-Merchandising