How Your Store's Signs Can Improve Sales

How Your Store's Signs Can Improve Sales

Posted by Global Display Solution on 12.28.20

Your business runs on continuous marketing strategies that work with new angles to appeal to target audiences. These advertisements and information then go out to all your marketing spaces for implementation. But are you utilizing the space you already have in-store? This is how your store's signs can improve sales.

Use Concise Language

The way you phrase your words in marketing alters how people interact with the information you display. Use concise language so you don’t confuse people. Verbose sentences or inaccessible diction can alienate the very people you want to attract. If you have a hard time distilling your ideas into a few words or brief phrases, write several variations on paper and play around with words. For example, instead of writing “need to,” say “must” or “should.” Concise language with a clear message will quickly relay information and increase the likelihood any passerby engages with your products.

Suggest an Action

Every sign must ask something of the customer. Whether it’s a flat-out imperative statement or a subtle suggestion, you want people to know what they can do with the information you give. Suggest they check out your new products or buy one and get two free. You must imply an action in your signage or else customers won’t act. Increase your sales with action-oriented messaging that demands a response from consumers.

Consider the Context

For every sign, the context is important. The sign’s location, colors, and any products placed around it can influence the information it’s presenting. For example, you wouldn’t advertise women’s coats in the men’s pants section of a retail store. However, you could cross-advertise in creative ways that still consider context. In a grocery store, you could place a sign or advertisement about chocolate sauce next to the ice cream. These simple suggestions that keep the context in mind will make customers think of buying more.

Market To Target Audiences

Your target audience matters—you must know who you want to pull in. If you want to attract more young male shoppers but only market in ways that appeal to older women, you’ll never find young men shopping in your store. The people you market to change your signage approach. Whether you want loud and dynamic lettering or straightforward and subdued appearances will change based on the demographic you want to reach. With a targeted approach, you can improve your store sales with the customers you plan to engage.

Learn more about how your store's signs can improve sales by putting them into action. After research and planning, you must wait and see how effective your signage is in attracting more customer sales. If you need display options such as retail sign holders for your new in-store advertisements, peruse our selection at The Global Display Solution today!