In-Store Promotional Ideas for Labor Day

2nd Sep 2020

In-Store Promotional Ideas for Labor Day

Labor Day is quickly approaching, and consumers are waiting for sales. There are a ton of stores that capitalize on the holiday to help their customers out with fun promotions and sales events. Check out these unique in-store promotional ideas for Labor Day.

Host an event

Hosting a Labor Day event is a great way to get customers into your store. Labor Day is a day many people have off of work which allows them to spend some time with their friends and families. There are a ton of different events you can host that will entice customers to spend their holiday with you. Some stores choose to host cookouts in their parking lots, offering free food to customers as they enter or leave the store. Other stores choose to host cooking classes or cookie decorating contests to give their customers something fun to do with their families.

Offer a sale on popular items

Offering a sale on a popular item or items is another great in-store promotional idea that will bring customers to your location. There are a lot of well-known items that are wildly popular each season and seem to never go on sale. Hosting a sale on these items is sure to get the word spreading about your store and bring in regular as well as new customers. Labor Day is a holiday that usually comes with barbecues and fun outdoor games, so highlighting these products with a sale is an effective way to excite customers enough to visit your store.

Highlight end of summer items

Labor Day is, for many, a sign of the end of summer. At the end of the season, many stores want to empty out their seasonal inventory to make room for the next hot products. This benefits stores in allowing them to host sales and highlight top summer products customers can buy and store for next year. Offering these top summer items at a discount is sure to have people flooding to your store.

A great way to advertise your sales, events, and promotions for Labor Day is by placing signs around your store. Using signage helps inform your customers of important information regarding pricing, discounts, and product limits. For all your signage needs, check out our wide selection at The Global Display Solution. We have tons of quality products to fit the needs of your store including digital signage and quality retail sign holders.