Key Elements of Visual Merchandising For Retail

Key Elements of Visual Merchandising For Retail

Posted by Global Display Solution on 04.27.21

When you organize a product display, you want people to notice the product itself and its information. There are many ways to subconsciously attract the customer’s eye, so take advantage of these tactics and create a visually stunning display. Here are the key elements of visual merchandising for retail.

Coordinate Your Color

The first thing you’ll want to establish is your color scheme. You should consider the product you’re promoting and think about the primary colors on the labels. You can then find complementary colors to match. Color impacts our psychological response to an object or product, so be sure to research the meanings your colors have. For example, in the American context, the color red symbolizes emotions like love, anger, or passion.

Tango With Texture

How does your display feel? Every aspect, from the product to the tabling to the signage, creates a unique texture that affects how people understand your display. The easiest way to adjust the texture of your display appearance is with lighting. Warm, cool, bright, dim—there are dozens of ways to create an ambiance and texture for your product promotion.

Dabble In Dimensionality

Every display exists in three dimensions, whether you plan for it or not. The way you space and align your products impacts how the eye follows along. Suppose you create two slanted lines converging at the center like an arrowhead. The eyes would naturally trace the lines to the middle. This is where you should place the most important product for sale. You should also think about staging items at angles or on tiered boxes like an Olympic podium. When you dabble in dimensionality, you make your display inherently more interesting to view.

Signal With Signage

Your signage should signal the meaning of the promotion. A bunch of products lined up on a table mean nothing without text for context. However, signage isn’t just an array of simple letters on printed white paper. You should try telling a story with your signage. Think about the colors, fonts, angles, details, design, and phrasing. You must also consider placement on the display itself. Will you hang it from above? Place it on a table? Stand it at the side? At The Global Display Solution, we boast a wide selection of display options, including our pedestal sign holder stand that can help you arrange your promotional materials.

Keep these key elements of visual merchandising for retail in mind as you plan your next promotion. With a bit of ingenuity, you can boost sales with a well-developed display.