Most Used Types of Signage in Retail Stores

Most Used Types of Signage in Retail Stores

Posted by Global Display Solution on December 20, 2021, 7:54 am

In retail, having the right signage inside and outside your store is a crucial step in display marketing. Using the right signs helps build first impressions with potential customers and inform current customers about your products and promotions. If you’re starting a business and want to know the best signage for your store, keep reading to discover the most used types of signage in retail stores.

Storefront Signs

One of the most popular types of signs is the storefront sign. The large sign on the front of your business’s building is the first thing customers will see of your business; it’ll help form their first impressions. This is why many businesses use large, illuminated storefront signs and logos to draw customer attention.

Outdoor Signs

While outdoor signs might be noticeable at first glance, they can be just as important to formulating a first impression of your business. Many retail stores located in strip malls or other high-density areas of competition will use outdoor signs positioned on their sidewalks or in their windows to advertise deals and products. Doing this distinguishes them from the competition. Sidewalk signs and A-frame signs are great for grabbing customers’ attention as they walk or drive by.

Interior Signs

Interior signs are probably the most popular type of signage for any retail business. Some small businesses don’t have the budget for a prominent storefront sign or outdoor signage, so they may focus on their indoor signage to guide and educate customers on their products and services. Indoor signs also have the most variety in terms of signage. You can find indoor signs such as pedestals, posters, banners, digital signs, and more. Mounted sign holders are a popular option for prominently displaying information around the store.

Knowing which signs and where to display them around your store is an art. Having the right signage is a crucial part of display marketing, so remember the most used types of signage in retail stores and use these strategies in your own store.