Point-of-Purchase Displays: What You Need to Know

Point-of-Purchase Displays: What You Need to Know

Posted by Global Display Solution on 06.29.21

The business world is full of ingenious tactics to convert customers to purchases. The point-of-purchase display is one such strategy. Here is what you need to know about point-of-purchase displays.

What Is a Point-of-Purchase Display?

First off, what is exactly is a point-of-purchase (POP) display? A POP display is all about grabbing the customer’s attention in unexpected ways. Anywhere in your store where people interact with your products is a point of purchase. However, a point-of-purchase display is a separate section devoted to promoting a singular product or array of special products.

How Do You Use It?

Have you ever seen a Super Bowl section in a grocery store devoted to soft drinks and snacks? These stand-out displays are point-of-purchase displays. These displays typically exist away from the central aisles and shelves in your store. Since they physically stand out from the competition, they will draw people into the presentation. You will want to set out a table or stand with the products lined on top. After arranging the items, you can add promotional materials and informational signage around it—and don’t forget to add sign protectors to preserve the signage through the life cycle of the marketing campaign.

Why Should You Set One Up?

POP displays are one of the easiest and most engaging ways to market specific products in new ways. Should your store want to sell a large quantity of backstock in lipsticks, you should create a point-of-purchase display away from the main makeup aisles. This separate area will draw customers into the product and make it the most prominent item they see. You can even step up your advertising game and add mirrors, colorful lights, and informational flyers to bolster the marketing hub.

With what you need to know about point-of-purchase displays in your back pocket, you can maximize the marketing space in your store. If you have any questions about POP displays or other business display items, reach out to our professionals at The Global Display Solution.