Popular Acrylic Display Stands Your Retail Business Needs

20th Sep 2019

Product displays are a crucial element in the product promotion and marketing process. Magnificent retail displays often attract prospective clients and lead to high sales. Attractive product displays on acrylic stands catch the eye of your potential consumer and leave a memorable impression. Here, we'll discuss the importance of acrylic display accessories as well as some of the most popular acrylic display stands.

What makes acrylic display units ideal for retail businesses?

Consumers get exposure to an estimated 3, 000 promotional messages and advertisements each day. Most of the promotional content is displayed on acrylic display stands, signs, holders, racks, or risers. These display accessories enhance the visibility of products and viewership by approximately 46%. Acrylic display stands are ideal for retail businesses because they are durable, adaptable, stable, and beautiful. Also, acrylic is fashionable, and it can take any imaginable color, size, and shape. The adaptability of the material also allows incorporation of other enhancements such as lights and the creation of sleek-designed displays. Read on to sample some of the top-notch acrylic display accessories.

Acrylic point-of-sale display stands

The acrylic point-of-sale (POS) display units are perfect for use at the counter where customers pay for their purchases. These stands get incorporated at the POS on countertops, on slat-walls, grid-walls, or just as free-standing units with marketing information. These units are used to display retail products, or they can be used to hold the counter upon which transactions take place.

Acrylic sign and brochure holders

The brochure and sign holders are crystal-clear display units designed into different shapes. These units hold different kinds of signs and literature, which promotes and guides customers in any retail business. Acrylic brochure holders make your business magazines, flyers, cards, and other forms of writing accessible to your visitors. These holders improve neatness in your business premise. The sign holders are sturdy portrait or landscape frames, which display marketing messages and brand or product images.

Acrylic display risers

Display risers are an ideal marketing accessory, which can be used by retailers in their bid to push some products when having in-store promotions. These acrylic display accessories come in different shapes, but they are not as large as in-store shelves. The units are often placed near the POS or cash register to attract customers that are concluding their purchases. The accessories work well for special or promotional products.

Acrylic Signage

You can use signs made from acrylic within offices and retail stores to guide customers and workers. The acrylic material can be imprinted with durable images, pictures, or writings. The signage material can hold price tags and identification, promotional, or directional content for the viewers. For instance, an acrylic door sign holder may be used to direct customers to specific points within the store.

Acrylic light-embedded display accessories

Lit display stands with embedded lights are an ideal marketing tool for in-store promotions and product exhibitions. These acrylic display stands work well in low-lit areas of the store. The units are accessorized with lighting fixtures embedded on the clear acrylic surface.

Jeweler display stands

Jeweler display units fashioned from acrylics are made to suit any indoor or outdoor display space. The acrylic display stands act as an attractive display unit for bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and any other beauty accessory.

Acrylic-made display accessories are a perfect marketing tool for both outdoor and indoor retail marketing activities. The stands work by improving brand and product visibility through attracting consumers to the product, brand, and ad displays.