Reasons to Update Your Business Signage

Reasons to Update Your Business Signage

August 26, 2020, 10:05 am

Reasons to Update Your Business Signage

Every business needs an update sometimes. Even major corporations change the appearance of their logo, their slogan, and even their in-store aesthetics every once in a while to keep up with the times. Styles, preferences, and expectations of consumers change over time, and companies are expected to keep up with it all. Replacing everything at once can be costly and unrealistic, but many companies aim to continuously update things so that their business is always undergoing gradual, affordable updates that eventually add up to a total modern rehabilitation of their company. One great place to start for companies in all different types of fields is by replacing their signs. Check out these top reasons to update your business signage to get your company’s modern updates started.

Your signs look worn or are damaged

One of the most telltale factors of a business needing new signage is the old or current signs looking worn, old, or damaged. This is common in both indoor and outdoor signage. Outdoor signage is affected by the weather and the normal wear and tear that happens over time. Outdoor sign holders can easily become corroded and rust, the colors can fade from sunlight exposure, and the actual sign can simply wither. With indoor signage, the holders can break from usage, moving, and improper use by patrons, the colors can fade, and the actual sign can become dirty, sticky, and just all-around gross and rundown. A rundown sign is bad for business. Customers expect a clean and well-kept environment when shopping with a business, and there is no exception for signage. If your signs are looking worn down or are damaged in any way, it is well past time to replace them. Even simple signage such as price tag molding should be replaced every so often as it can get damaged from pulling on it, the constant replacement of price tags, and more. Think about even the smallest signage at your storefront and examine it all for damage and noticeable signs of wear such as scratches and fading.

Your signs are too small

If your signs are too small, people may struggle to read them or simply ignore them altogether. While smaller signage may have been effective in the past, the future is looking for bigger, more eye-catching things. With the introduction of modern portable technology, customers have a hundred more interesting and easy to see things to consume than a tiny sign. To make your signs more enticing and thus more effective, you should invest in bigger signage. Digital signage is a great replacement option for smaller, ineffective signs. Digital signage grabs the customer’s attention and can be better seen, as any digital displays come in readable and easy to use designs and sizes. If you strain your eyes trying to read your signs, this is a great reason to invest in updated business signage.

Your signs no longer function

It’s possible that years ago, a sign which you first put up was noticeable at all times, but it could have lost its charm years later. When people are exposed to the same sign over and over again, they eventually tune it out and it gets lost with the rest of the advertising “noise” they’re exposed to on a daily basis. With the emphasis on advertising and the readily available platforms for advertisement, consumers are exposed to a ton of advertising noise every day. This has gotten to the point where many can subconsciously “tune out” the advertisements unless something catches their eye. If your signs are not functioning the way they used to and not producing the same results, they might be getting swept away with the rest of the noise. This is a top reason to refresh your signs, as new signs will help your content to break free from the noise and stand out to your customers once again. This means you’ll get to see results from your signage yet again.

Your signs don’t match your modern aesthetic

Take a long look around your storefront. If your signs are jarringly older in style than the rest of the store, you have a great reason to update your business signage. Styles come and go quite quickly, and it can feel overwhelming trying to keep up with all the new trends. The good news is customers don’t expect you to be up to date on every passing trend, but they do expect a modern environment that feels up-to-date. If you’ve already updated the interior or exterior of your store, it can be quite shocking for customers to see a sign that looks like it’s straight out of the early 2000s. If this sounds like your store, then it may be time to update your signage. Updating your signage to keep up with the modern aesthetic of your brand isn’t as complicated as it may sound. You can invest in digital signage which is easy to change regularly as it’s fully customizable, and you can change the display with the touch of a button. You can also invest in more modern-looking sign holders which will take your store from dated to in-style overnight.

You’ve rebranded and your signs don’t reflect that

If you’ve recently rebranded your business, it’s time to invest in new signage. Once you rebrand, you start to change just about everything about the appearance of your business. This extends from a logo or slogan to emails and coupon appearances, and even the interior of your business. A great place to start changing the appearance of your communication methods with customers to your new branding style is with signage in your store. When customers are in your business’ storefront, they are experiencing your brand in an immersive experience. If your signs are still on par with your old branding, then your customers won’t get the full experience. Update your signage to reflect your new brand experience and your customers will be able to accept your new look better and more quickly.

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Reasons to Update Your Business Signage