Reasons Your Digital Signage Isn't Doing Well

Reasons Your Digital Signage Isn't Doing Well

Published by Global Display Solution on October 8, 2020, 9:10 am

Reasons Your Digital Signage Isn't Doing Well

When designing and displaying new signage for your business, you want it to look appealing and attract attention. You do all of this in the hopes that it conveys your message quickly and simply. However, this does not always happen. Here are a few of the top reasons your digital signage isn't doing well.

Faulty Technology

As the name implies, digital signage uses technology to convey the messages you program it to. However, like all tech, digital signage can have communication-inhibiting issues. For starters, digital signs rely on software that needs regular updates and can have spontaneous problems. The communication between your sign devices and your sign software can hiccup and cause lags and glitches that customers will see. Be sure to troubleshoot as many of these potential problems before anything happens. Also, low visibility or low-quality displays can be hard to read, frustrating consumers when they’re trying to get the information they need.

Poor Color Contrasting

Signs, posters, and billboards all rely on quality color contrast to allow the eye to distinguish between the information and the background. But many signs do not account for the color issues that arise when one views them from a distance. When designing your images for display on digital signage, make sure that you are using contrasting colors so that people can read text and view images easily. Use a color wheel or some other color-organized tool to find the right color combinations. An easy way to keep from running across this problem in the future is to set a color theme for your posters and signs so that all your marketing consistently utilizes the same colors. This technique will not only help your brand recognition, but it also keeps you from using confusing color combinations.

Difficult-To-Read Text

Your digital sign may be able to display dozens of fonts. However, you’ll need to choose carefully. Though you want to be artful and creative with your design, at the end of the day, you want the customer to read and remember the information on the sign. Having difficult-to-read text is one sure way to discourage customer interaction with the sign and hinder them from grasping the full extent of your marketing content. Be sure your text is large enough for people to read from several distances—the location of the sign will play a role in this as well. Also, consider what words you are using and how many of them are on the sign. If any text is too complicated for the average person to understand quickly, change it to a more common synonym. You may have spent lots of time devising your sign, but like any writing project, be ready to cut a few words or sentences. The editing process is essential in crafting the best information for your digital signage.

An Unclear Message

One of the most common reasons your digital sign is not doing well is because the message is confusing or unclear. Every sign exists to communicate something of value to potential customers. But just because a catchphrase or pun makes sense to you does not mean it will be clear to everyone else. Try testing out a few different signage ideas and poll them with consumer test groups. Do what you can to see if they understand the message and can grasp the key information. Sometimes your message is unclear on the sign because you are unsure of it yourself. When crafting your words and phrases, remind yourself of your company’s mission and the reason for this particular sign. When working from a focused and directed mindset, your ideas will more closely reflect the original vision for the sign.

Bad Signage Placement

Whether you are designing a digital billboard, outdoor sign, or indoor digital kiosk, you must take the setting into account. Think about the situations people will be in when they view your sign. Someone driving on the highway will be in a vastly different mindset than someone perusing your storefront inside. Be sure to place and set the sign in a way that will be conducive to prolonged engagement. For example, if you are placing a digital sign inside your store, think about using a pedestal sign holder like the ones we have here at The Global Display Solution. By elevating your sign to the reader’s eye, you increase the likelihood that they will read it.

Nothing To Engage With

Though many signs function simply to advertise a product or service, they should contain more than just the basic information. It is important to include your business’s name and contact information along with the product name or image. However, there are ways to spice up your design with scannable QR codes, customer reviews, or interactive components. Help your consumers understand your brand and your product at a deeper level. Do not just give them the basics; show them something about your company’s mission. Find ways to engage the customer on a personal level as opposed to a consumer level.

No Call To Action

When you put something up on a sign, you want people to be so moved by what they see that they’ll want to further engage with your company or product. If you do not have a compelling idea or a clear call to action, you won’t receive much of a response. The call to action can be simple and subtle—it does not have to be an explicitly commanding, imperative statement. In fact, some potential customers may feel put off by a sign that tells them what to do. Instead, weave the narrative of your sign together so that the sum of the coloring, branding, images, and words point toward one thing: engagement.

Use these reasons your digital signage isn't doing well to troubleshoot any sign problems you currently have. These ideas also serve as great reminders when you are designing your next marketing campaign. Be sure to keep these principles in mind when you want to bring your strategy to life. If you have any questions about digital signage or other display options, contact us today at The Global Display Solution.

Reasons Your Digital Signage Isn't Doing Well