The Biggest Holiday Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

The Biggest Holiday Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Posted by Global Display Solution on 11.24.20

The holidays often bring more traffic and profits for businesses. But this financial boost won’t occur if you don’t advertise your products and services well. Here are the biggest holiday marketing mistakes to avoid.

Beginning Late in the Season

Timing is everything. Whether your target demographic celebrates the fall and winter holidays in strict order or their seasonal festivities overlap, the truth of the matter is that people start shopping for gifts at the beginning of November. If you don’t market your business around this time or around Thanksgiving and Black Friday, you’ll lose significant revenue from the early birds. People often begin their perusing and shopping once they see stores advertise holiday products and deals, so don’t miss the big push at the front end of the season.

Having Too Many Offers

Marketing techniques are effective when distilled. If you give consumers too many offers, you may lose people in the weeds. But if you offer a handful of quality, specific deals, people will be more likely to grasp the scope of your promotions, thereby increasing the chance they’ll act upon them.

The success of your offers also depends on their visibility. Make sure you’re presenting clear and consistent information in your store, online, and at your advertising locations. For example, you’ll want accurate information in every plastic price tag holder and on every poster to avoid customer confusion.

Ignoring Loyal Customers

Every holiday season is an opportunity to branch out and bring new clientele into your store. However, this influx can cause you to ignore your loyal customers. Fourth-quarter sales are important, and the holidays can improve your performance. However, you rely on your steadfast customer base all year long, so don’t lose sight of it at your peak busy-ness. Consider sending out end-of-the-year promotions and thank-you deals to loyal customers, who will be more likely to cash in on your offers.

Keep these biggest holiday marketing mistakes to avoid in mind as you implement your seasonal strategies. At the end of the day, if you’re doing everything you can to maximize visibility and productivity, you’ll be set for the holiday season.