The Key Elements of Visual Merchandising

The Key Elements of Visual Merchandising


When planning to promote your products in a display or on a shelf, you must plan your approach. In order to maximize customer interaction and increase the likelihood of a purchase, you need to use the key elements of visual merchandising.

Focus on Color

The colors of the display and the products themselves must draw the customer’s attention. Remember that colors link closely to human emotions—they communicate subtle messages. For example, the color red represents feelings of love, passion, and even aggression. A particular shade, or the way you position a product in a display, can evoke these strong emotions. Consider how to grab the customer’s attention and make the presentation visually stunning.

Position Products Well

Products do not exist in two-dimensional planes; they live in relation to one another. Pushing one item in front of the others communicates a certain importance or urgency about the product. Similarly, hiding a product behind another detracts from its overall appearance and appeal.

When positioning your products, recognize the messages you send. Consider things like elevation, depth, and angle—these all change how people understand the product. Also, have a focal point that centers around your most important item or promotion. Drawing a consumer’s eye toward the central product increases their engagement with the display and interest in the center item.

Say the Right Thing

The words associated with your store or business are another crucial aspect of visual merchandising. When running a promotion or advertising a special deal, you need to announce it to your customers in a clear manner. By using the right words on an attractive poster or price tag holder, you can effectively tell your customers all they need to know.

Use the key elements of visual merchandising in your store or business. The way you show off your products deeply affects how the consumer interacts with them. If you have more questions about how to display your products, contact us here at The Global Display Solution today.