The Most Common Signage Mistakes To Avoid Making

The Most Common Signage Mistakes To Avoid Making


If you are looking to add signage for your business, there are some things to consider beforehand. Here are the most common signage mistakes to avoid making.

Poor Readability

When it comes to signs, it’s all about communication. If your sign is difficult to read, you will fail to convey even the most basic information about your business or product. To account for the readability of your sign, consider the length of your words and phrases. Do not include a word or phrase that is too long, or else people may not be able to read the entire message quickly. Also, think about the size of the text on your sign compared to the distance of those who will be reading it. If you are setting up a giant highway billboard, you will need to think differently than if you are putting up a smaller hand sanitizer sign display stand in your storefront.

Challenging Lettering

After planning the words themselves, you need to think carefully about how you will present them. The spacing between letters is important—too close together, and it is hard to distinguish one letter from the other, too far apart, and it is difficult to read entire words and phrases. Another aspect of lettering is the font choice. When choosing a font, you want to find a balance between readability and personality. The people reading your sign need to understand your message, but they also want to know about the style of your business. If you are using a digital sign, you may have more options, but you should still always choose the font that is easier to read.

Bad Color Contrast

The color of your sign and lettering make a big difference in the overall appeal and readability of your signage. If you choose two colors that are too similar, people will not be able to distinguish the letters from the background. It is essential to use complementary and contrasting colors that will make your sign easier to read at a glance. Also, consider the background of the sign itself and where you will place the finished sign. Will it be standing in front of an open blue sky, a brown building, or a white product shelf?

Knowing the most common signage mistakes to avoid making can keep you from accidentally damaging your marketing efforts. Find the best signage display options for your business by contacting a member of our team at The Global Display Solution today.