The Top Signage Materials That Last

The Top Signage Materials That Last

April 7, 2021, 1:51 am

A sign is a simple item that communicates meaningful information to an audience—street signage shows hazards on the road and business signage displays product information. When it comes to business signage, a high-quality, durable sign can mean the difference between a successful marketing campaign and a flop. When you look to implement your advertising ideas, you should know about the top signage materials that last.

Outdoor Sign Materials

You want to get your name and products out there, so plan on using outdoor signage. From posters to banners to billboards, you have many options from which to choose. But when it comes to the signage material, you must be extra careful. With the consistent barrage of weather, your signage must hold up against the elements. These are the best outdoor sign materials you should consider.


Aluminum is a lightweight yet strong material perfect for outdoor signs. You can find many aluminum signage thicknesses, the thickest of which people use for highway signs. Aluminum is recyclable and scratch-proof, making it an excellent option for those advertising in harsh weather areas. On the flip side, aluminum can dent and is relatively reflective, so keep this in mind when using it.


If you see a banner hung across a stage or storefront, it’s likely made of vinyl. This banner material is lightweight, portable, and low maintenance. It’s worth noting that vinyl is not rigid and is best for short-term use. However, this flimsier material does make for excellent time-bound advertising. If you have an upcoming sale, a vinyl banner will do the trick.


As the name implies, a di-bond sign has two material parts—plastic and aluminum. Di-bond has a plastic core with an aluminum surface. The combination of elements makes this sign strong and resilient against most weather. Due to their two-part nature, di-bonds are suitable for cutting unique shapes, including three-dimensional ones. They are also some of the flattest outdoor sign options around. The only downside is that you may have rough, sharp edges after cutting it.


Wood is an elegant and classy material that will boost any business’s image. Since wood comes in all shapes, types, and sizes, it is pretty easy to make three-dimensional signs and cut any form out of it. You must be careful to treat it for outdoor usage, though. Without the proper sealing, you could have wet, rotting wood. Treat bare wood with a water repellent and consider adding plastic edge caps to keep it safe from harm.


Acrylic, sometimes called plexiglass, is another great outdoor signage option. This thermoplastic will not rust or corrode like its metal counterparts. Clear acrylic is near-transparent and great for shining light through your sign. The only downsides are that acrylic signs tend to be heavy and prone to scratches.

Digital Signs

Digital signs are another option for businesses looking to up the ante. Though engineers craft digital signs from all kinds of materials, the metal and glass electronic appearance remains classy and futuristic. The only thing to consider about digital signs is their maintenance and technical difficulties. If you have any questions about digital signage or how to implement some for your business, contact our team at The Global Display Solution.

Indoor Sign Materials

Many people picture outdoor billboards and lawn signs when they hear business signage. But this assumption cuts out half the picture—indoor signs are just as vital to business success as outdoor ones. Though indoor signs don’t need to endure the same hardship in the elements, you still need signs that can withstand hundreds of customers touching them, as well as seasonal reuse. These are the best indoor sign materials you should know about.


As mentioned above, vinyl is a great signage option for outdoor spaces; it’s also perfect for indoor ones, like banners and window graphics. Vinyl is quite vibrant, coming in a variety of finishes. Whether you want a matte or glossed look, vinyl will surely attract customers’ attention to your information. Due to its flexibility, vinyl is also easy to roll up and store for another promotion.


Also appearing above, acrylic is great for outdoor and indoor use. Acrylic is rigid, transparent, and three-dimensional, making it the perfect option for any kind of sign inside your store. In fact, you can add color and contour to the sign, making it even better suited for indoor use. Though its propensity to scratch makes it a problematic outdoor sign, this is less of a concern for indoor applications. Without exposure to the elements, acrylic is quite sturdy.

Foam Core

Foam core is a fun sign option that holds its own. With a central foam core, this material often comes with paper stock laminated on both sides. Foam core is a sturdy, lightweight, and easy-to-cut material that is perfect for temporary signage. If you want to promote an upcoming sale or event on an easel or at the point of purchase, this is the go-to for a quick, professional look. The downside to foam core is that it damages easily, so you should use it for short and medium-term promotions.


Fabric is quite versatile—you can attach it to your counters or hang it on your back wall. Since fabric is so flexible, it works well as part of a large display. Though it is lightweight and easy to manipulate, fabric can tear or fray easily, making it a hassle to repair.


Cardstock or other printer paper is an excellent solution for quickly assembled indoor signage. Though it is a basic solution, it gets the job done and conveys a message. If a cash register goes out, you can print a notice on a piece of paper and place it at the counter. Or if you need to replace small price tags, you can simply reprint the information and slide it into your price tag mold.

Knowing the top signage materials that last can make a huge difference in your promotional endeavors. With the right sign on the right material, you can set your business up for success. If you have any questions about business signage or how to protect your current signs, reach out to us at The Global Display Solution. We have a wide selection of indoor and outdoor signage options along with sign protectors that will keep your signs at optimal visibility year-round.