Tips for Arranging Promotional Products

Tips for Arranging Promotional Products

December 11, 2020, 9:21 am

Effective advertising is an essential facet of any business operation. Between billboards, posters, and displays, you have dozens of marketing options available to you. When it comes to product displays, you want to cultivate an eye-catching, inspirational, and enticing appearance. But how do you develop these qualities? Here are some quick tips for arranging promotional products.

Account for Product Type

Every product is unique, and you must display each item to highlight its best properties. Using promotional products involves displaying branded items for customers. Promotional products invite the consumer into your story, where they can buy into your brand. You should account for this when exhibiting them around your store. Consider your product placement and display decoration. Set your display around the cash registers, or near your logo or wall signs. People must follow your logic when searching for products in your store.

Decide on a Focal Point

Every display needs a centerpiece. Whether it is a table setting, a floral arrangement, or a promotional display, you draw people’s eyes toward a focal point. When you arrange your products, try grouping them so that the main item is at the center. People naturally gaze the longest at the center, and they follow lines of symmetry. For example, if you create a V shape with your items, people will trace the products with their eyes toward the middle point.

Build Around Signage

You want people to see and engage with your products, but they will glean more information from your signage. Promotional products often include discounts or deals that customers want to understand. Build your promotional display around the signage so you can highlight the information about the items on display. For example, if you have several tables full of products, place them on either side of a pedestal sign holder that describes the details.

Use these tips for arranging promotional products the next time you set up. If you have any display needs, reach out to our team at The Global Display Solution.