Tips for Incorporating Wall Graphics Into Your Business

Tips for Incorporating Wall Graphics Into Your Business

Published by Global Display Solution on April 14, 2023, 1:07 pm

The retail business field is always finding fresh ways to attract customers. If it’s not introducing new sales and products, then it’s changing interiors and the way establishments advertise. It’s all about catching the eye of the consumer with something enticing, innovative, and original. The latest trend is wall graphics. We have some great tips for incorporating wall graphics into your business.

Share Core Values

Customers want to know what your business is about. All companies have a mission statement and core values and beliefs they abide by. Consider these your company’s identifiers. Not only do they give the shopper a view of your business, but they also reinforce your brand.

Share these values and beliefs, or even a mission statement, on wall graphics for customers to see. All stores differ regarding where they choose to place the graphics. It might be best to have them outside. Try and make the statements as short as possible. Don’t force your customers to read a paragraph.

Display the Company Timeline

What’s the history of the company? You can really get creative in this area. Showing history through graphics is always interesting to see, and people automatically stop and look. They feel intrigued by how the world used to look.

Place the company’s most important moments on the timeline. The image could change every year. Start with the day the company was established. Include any major renovations, changes in core values, and partnerships with other big names.

Showcase the Company’s Culture

Showing the company’s culture might seem complicated, but it’s not. This area is all about transparency. Instead of stating what matters most to the business, show it with an image. Think of all the elements that make up the culture of the company.

What’s the purpose behind the business? Who are you here to serve, and how do you serve them? The answer is what you display on the wall graphic. Make sure you include real-life employees and not actors. The employees make up the culture of the business because it would cease to exist without them.

Present New Campaigns

Present any new updates and campaigns on a wall graphic. Use a mounted sign holder to make the message and image more visible to customers. If the business has acquired a new slogan, place it on all wall graphics.

The more exposure these new elements get, the faster they’ll catch on. More importantly, more customers will want more information on them. If you’re selling a new product, place it inside the store, but advertise it outside with a wall graphic to entice shoppers to come inside.

Here at The Global Display Solution, we know all about incorporating new advertising tactics into your business aside from wall graphics. For more information, visit our website.