Tips To Fill Empty Space in Retail Outlets

Tips To Fill Empty Space in Retail Outlets

Published by Global Display Solution on May 9, 2022, 10:08 am

Take a step back and look at the layout of your retail store. Do you notice too much exposed floor or wall space in certain places? While overcrowding your store is never a bright idea, too much empty space can be a turn-off for potential customers as well. If you’re dealing with spatial issues in your store, learn these tips to fill empty space in retail outlets.

Filling Empty Floor Space

Empty floor space in a retail store can be a red flag for some customers, especially to new customers. They might see it as a sign of a business that is low on inventory and possibly going out of business. Fortunately, there are many creative ways to fill this empty space. You can set up a display of new or popular products. Displays are also a great way to highlight products that have been slow-moving and bring them to the forefront of your store. You could also use stand-up signage or other portable signs to inform customers about products or promotions. These are both effective options to grab their attention.

Filling Empty Wall Space

Too much empty wall space can make your business feel cold and uninviting. Spruce up your walls with marketing materials like posters, signs, banners, and more. You could even hang decorations that fit with the theme of your store, especially for celebratory or seasonal occasions. Hanging posters and banners is also a productive way to educate customers about new products, promotions, and other relevant information to your store.

Filling Empty Countertop Space

One of the most important countertops in your store is the checkout or point of sale area. You want to ensure your checkout counter is constantly changing to catch customers’ attention. This is a smart place to display some common impulse-buy items, such as smaller, less expensive goods. Fill your countertop with small, pop-up displays to highlight these items at checkout and score some extra sales, no matter how small.

Filling Empty Shelf Space

As a retail business, you always want to avoid empty shelf space, as it can signal to customers that you’re low on inventory or don’t carry much of a wide selection. Even if you don’t have products to fill these blank spaces, you can use marketing materials and other methods to fill the space. For example, try to create 3D signage that you can place next to products to educate customers. You can also try investing in shelf clips and other unique methods of hanging products to fill empty space and promote cross-merchandising.

If you’re having trouble making use of the ample space in your retail store, try these tips to fill empty space in retail outlets. Remember, having too much space is a good problem to have. If you need extra signage tools to get creative with this extra space, browse our selection at The Global Display Solutions. We carry pedestal sign holder stands and more that are perfect for utilizing some of that extra floor space.